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It is the personal goal of Julianna Lyddon – a certified life coach with a master’s degree in marriage, family and child counseling – to help each client achieve a life of balance, intention and purpose perfectly suited to his or her unique passions and talents. Please take a moment to view Julianna’s introductory video to learn how Life Coaching can help you.

Take your time to browse the website–you will discover all the ways Julianna can help you connect with what lies beneath to unlock your hidden potential and set you on your journey to living a more satisfied, joyful, and abundant life.


Enlighten Candles Arizona

Enlighten Candles Arizona

Enlighten Candles Arizona is in full swing!  We are currently available in twenty-nine locations and in five states in addition to our online store!  We are expanding our product line and we have recently added a fifth collection, the Enlighten Essentials which includes a wonderful body butter, so be sure to visit us often for the latest.  You can visit our complete website at www.enlightencandlesarizona.com and experience the beauty of our hand crafted candles and butters. 

Our appreciation for the beauty and magic of hand crafted candles is the passion that drives us at Enlighten Candles Arizona. We strive to create only superior quality, unique, affordable, eco-friendly candles and butters. We respect and honor the traditions borne of the ancient craft of candle making. This is why we still hand pour our candles and consider each one a work of art.
Enlighten Candles Arizona
Our logo was created by Sofie Lyddon. The backward E and N represents a mirror image and reflects back on itself, much like the flame does for us as we gaze into it.
Julianna has created a set of 7 Chakra Audio Meditations that are unique to her intuitive style. Each of the meditations is designed specifically to bring one of the seven chakras into balance. To identify the chakra or chakras that need to be balanced, you are encouraged to consider the areas of your life that need work. For detailed information on these audio meditations, click here.  To listen to a sample meditation click here.

Are all types of hypnotherapy created equal?  I have found that one of the best decisions I made in my career was the decision to attend Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy certification training.  The “heart” piece is what drew me in.  To read more and to view the magazine click here.

 Julianna Lyddon

Mind Masters Meetings

Connect with Julianna

Mind Masters Meetings were created to bring together like-minded people who are interested in challenging themselves and stimulating personal growth. The two hour meetings, which are a lecture/discussion hybrid designed to encourage group participation and sharing, are held monthly. Each meeting has a specific theme and will cover topics such as spirituality, sexuality, intuition, family issues, and even dating.

This is an opportunity to take a pause from your busy life and do something positive, uplifting, and empowering for yourself. Space is limited, sign up today and bring a friend.  Click here for complete details.




Wellness is more than being free from illness. It is the active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is a dynamic process of change and growth encompassing many interrelated dimensions of emotional wellness, physical wellness, and social wellness.
Realizing the benefits, many forward-thinking corporations are trending toward employee-based wellness programs. In this creative, interactive workshop, Julianna Lyddon, MC, presents five pathways that will expand your concept of wellness in the corporate environment. The workshop is uniquely designed to motivate executives and employees to implement practices beneficial for growth and development in their careers and personal lives.  For detailed information on this workshop click here.
Are you the most productive “you” you can be in your career? What separates the top-notch, effective executives and employees from the good ones? It’s not necessarily expertise in their line of work, but rather the fundamental life skills they possess. Personal power, creativity, relationship building skills, mindfulness, motivation, and more aren’t taught in schools or even necessarily by parents while growing up.
The Individual Corporate Coaching program focuses on these aspects of life to improve your job productivity and personal growth.  For detailed information click here.