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Make Valentine’s Day a Family Affair


Julianna Lyddon spent another amazing afternoon with Channel 12 on the Arizona Midday show.  She shared some suggestions on how to make Valentine’s Day a family affair!  She says we can spread the love while you are spending the day together.

Some ideas to get you prepared and how to get started:

  • Have a prep party – have your kids invite their friends over to prepare valentines for school
  • Create a Valentine Phone Chain – Call loved ones that may be out of town and remind them that you love them and ask them to spread the love by calling someone else
  • Share the love – Get the family together to create and then to deliver and share valentines with those in nursing homes or closed other community centers and hospitals
  • Treasure Hunt – Make clues and create your own treasure hunt throughout the home or out at the park.  Use clues that are developmentally appropriate for your children’s age.
  • Candlelight Dinner with the kids – Ask your kids for suggestions on meals and have a candlelit dinner with their help in preparing and setting up.


Be sure to have a special date night with your partner at least once a month to keep a happy and healthy family unit.

To listen to the complete interview on Arizona Midday, click here!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna


Last minute Valentine Tips to make your Valentine’s Day SIZZLE

Check out my Valentine’s Day segment that aired this evening on NBC, EVB Live!

Get last minute tips to make your Valentine’s Day Sizzle !

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Give Your Valentine Something To Remember




Happy Valentines Day!

I have just the Valentine gift for you and your special someone. Tune in to my radio podcast with Dr SexTalk! 

Dr Lori Ebert is a sex expert who shares many tips and techniques to enhance our sex lives. The conversation is intriguing and stimulating for all!! You will learn a LOT!

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How to Make Valentines Day a Family Affair

Quite often the kids are left out of the Valentine’s Day celebration because Mom and Dad go out to dinner and leave the kids with a babysitter. Why not make Valentine’s Day a family affair this year! Here are a few ideas that will ensure a loving celebration!
1. Do dessert first! Get the kids in the kitchen and get them to work. What’s the number one Valentine dessert? Chocolate! So let the kids drench it over strawberries. It’s easy and fun. Get chocolate at the grocery store and melt it in the microwave. Don’t forget the sparkling cider for the kids & a bottle of bubbly for Mom and Dad!
2. Make it a movie night, but no fighting…get a kid movie and an adult movie and go into separate rooms. Make the rooms cozy with pillows, blankets and lots of yummy popcorn. There are so many ways to make the popcorn extra good…add M&M’s, caramel, cheese, etc.
3. Write a Valentine LOVE LETTER (it’s a lost art) and include a homemade voucher!  Maybe the kids make one that says….”walk the dog” or “clean  my room”. Remember, when the voucher is redeemed, the child must do the task.
4. Create a scavenger hunt for the kids while you make dinner. Set the hiding places up ahead of time and the clues. Don’t forget the prizes because everybody is a winner on this night…no competition!
5. End your evening with everyone in their sleeping bag under the stars. Talk about dreams and making a wish and why this is important. What a great way to end a very loving day! Have fun!

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