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Affairs and Emotional Needs

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I had a great conversation on Facebook with many of my friends about what constitutes an affair. The feedback and conversation that started was awesome. This video is an extension of that dialogue and pinpoints what I have seen in my practice. I’m hoping it will help individuals understand what’s at the nucleus of the affair and why people have affairs. Please leave comments   🙂


Today want to do my video blog on affairs. I see it a lot. Its men and women. The divorce rate is really kinda pushing up there. It fluctuates somewhat but it is definitely over fifty percent. And a lot of people I see are having affairs. They’re still in the marriage. They’re trying to continue the affair and continue the marriage because it’s so complicated at this point they don’t really know how to get out of the affair. And they don’t know how to bridge the place where they have to be open and honest in the marriage because oh my gosh…how would that look and how complicated could that potentially be right?

So I’m speaking to you today without judgement but just to give you some information that may help you understand why people have affairs. So when you find out that your spouse or partner or significant other is having an affair, what often happens is we get so hung up on the sexual aspect of it. Why are you having sex with them? What do they have that I don’t have? What kind of sex and how often?

Watch the complete video here.

Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Connect with Julianna


The World of Relationships

The World of Relationships

The world of relationships

through my lens

has been awe inspiring.

The stories I hear, the amazing people I meet, the pain I witness, the triumphs I get to admire and the healing I help assist with have all contributed to my life in a beautiful way.

I see a lot of women, all ages. I listen to story after story and they all have similar roots. It sometimes feels like a revolving door.

I often say…”I just heard this same scenario with the last woman”. These stories and issues are all about dating and finding love.

We all want and need to be loved. It’s part of the human condition. It scares us to death to think of spending our whole life alone.

The view through my lens is this……

We live in a time where we have conditioned ourselves to put sex before the emotional connection. Women and even our teens are accustomed to this behavior. This post is not about judging when we have sex with someone, but it is about learning to stand in our sexual power! This is a real issue that has gotten to epidemic proportions and is truly affecting women of all ages, but predominately our youth.

My advice…TALK, TALK and TALK more about sex with your kids. Click To Tweet

I hear stories from many women, but the ones that concern me the most are the ones from the teenagers. They have such a NEED to be loved and accepted and fit in. Young girls are having sex in very casual settings and frequently because it’s what has become expected. They believe this is what they “should” do to get a boy to like them. The worst part is how they feel afterwards. They talk about feeling used and disconnected from themselves and the boy. Often there is little to no conversation, making it even more awkward. When asked about details of the experience, they often say they didn’t even like it, but know that the boy did.

Somewhere along the way the message is not getting through, the conversations are not happening or maybe we just don’t know how to begin to talk about such a vulnerable, sensitive subject. Imagine a young woman who grows up giving herself away to one boy after another and each time feeling horrible about herself because she thinks this is what love is. She believes that sex and love are the same. She lives in silence feeling shameful and worthless at times. Nobody talked to her about how sex and love are different and what it means to emotionally connect with someone on a deep level. Nobody ever told her that sex truly is beautiful and to honor her sexuality as a gift. She grows up believing that sex is about the act and the orgasm and that if the boy shows he’s sexually attractive to her, then she is beautiful. Now imagine you as an adult woman and you are still entangled in this same maze. You begin to wonder what is wrong with you and often feel depressed and left thinking…”why do I feel unloveable?” Nothing is wrong with this woman except that she was never told about how to integrate the sexual piece of herself into her identity. It’s conveniently left out of the family conversations. We shy away from it and say things like…”keep your legs closed” or don’t act like a slut” or even another extreme, we push our girls to have a boyfriend because we, as mothers, want them to be popular. I could write forever on this subject.

There is so much work to be done here and it’s all about self worth. We are sexual beings and when we are not educated about this beautiful part of ourselves (boys included), we come through life wounded in a very deep way.


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The Sacral Chakra

Julianna’s Chakra Audio Meditations

 are unique to her intuitive style.

Each of the meditations is designed specifically

to bring one of the seven chakras into balance.

To identify the chakra or chakras that need to be balanced, you are encouraged to consider the areas of your life that need work.


Security Issues; Anxiety and Fear; Survival Issues; Feeling Out of Balance.

The Root Chakra is located at the base of your spine. This is your foundation and your sense of balance. The spiritual and emotional issues associated with the Root Chakra are all about safety, survival, grounding, security and boundaries. You will often find family wounds and tribal beliefs and generational issues are stored in the body in this area. It is important to open this chakra and get it balanced because when it is closed or stuck, it impacts the other chakras. 


Lack of Creativity; Lack of Focus; Emotions Out of Balance; Addictions

The Pelvic Chakra represents your sexuality, creativity, finances, personal power, relationships and pleasure. Spiritual and emotional issues that can block energy in the Pelvic Chakra are issues related to sex, money, relationships, defining boundaries, and when to be assertive and passive. It is important to keep this chakra open so you can continue to feed what it is you need to “birth” into your reality. This chakra is super charged with emotion and feeling. Balance is the key.


Personal Power Issues; Lack of Self-Esteem; Trouble Finding Your Purpose; Difficulty Connecting to Others.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located between the navel and solar plexus. It is your power center or your “core self.” The Pelvic Chakra seeks pleasure and enjoyment and it is all about your personal power. The gift of this chakra is about sensing your personal power, being confident, responsible, and reliable. It is the center of your self-esteem, your will power, self-discipline, and the warmth in your personality. The energy of Solar Plexus Chakra allows you to meet challenges and to move forward in your life. Ask yourself this question: “Am I standing in my power or behind it?”


In Need of Learning to Give and Receive; Inability to Open Your Heart to Loving Relationships; Feeling Resentful or Angry; Having Trouble with Boundaries; Giving Too Much to the Point of Being Taxed; Attachment and Detachment Issues.

The Heart Chakra is located near the center of the breastbone or sternum. It represents higher consciousness and love. The Heart Chakra acts as the balance point for all the chakras. It is known as the “connector.” It governs our relationships and how we interact with other people. A balanced Heart Chakra is expressed in acceptance of self and others, personal values, and ethics. When the Heart Chakra is in balance, we are adept at giving and receiving.


Trouble Expressing Your Feelings; Difficulty Finding Your Voice; Trouble Articulating Your Message; Inability to Connect with the Divine.

Throat Chakra is the center that governs our speech and creative expression in the world. It’s health will determine how honest we are and how well we can express ourselves with the people around us. Through this chakra, we speak our truth, no matter how small or unimportant it may seem. This is where energy transforms into our manifestations in the physical world. If you have trouble expressing yourself, if it is hard for you to share deep feelings, or if you have difficulty finding the words, the Throat Chakra is likely out of balance.


Difficulty Trusting Your Intuition; Doubting Your Inner Wisdom; Trouble Following Your Inner Voice; Not Allowing Your Dreams to Come to Fruition.

The Brow Chakra also called the Third Eye or the “Psychic Within You.” It directs our sight and awareness of the world; it is where our consciousness is located; and it houses our intuition and connection to the wise self that exists within each of us. When the Brow Chakra is in balance, we clearly see and understand who we are. Our thoughts and internal communications are healthy and vibrant. We are able to be quietly observant and reflective.


In Need of Feeling Connected to Source, God, or Higher Power; Needing to be Reminded of Your Potential and Power.

The Crown Chakra is where our life force is dispersed from the universe into the lower six chakras. This is the portal that connects us to the divine source. The Crown Chakra is our reminder that we are spiritual beings having this physical experience. The Crown Chakra is always open.

To purchase one or more of the chakra meditation audios or you would like the complete set of seven click here.


The Sacral Charkra


Give Your Valentine Something To Remember




Happy Valentines Day!

I have just the Valentine gift for you and your special someone. Tune in to my radio podcast with Dr SexTalk! 

Dr Lori Ebert is a sex expert who shares many tips and techniques to enhance our sex lives. The conversation is intriguing and stimulating for all!! You will learn a LOT!

Click HERE to listen



A Special Valentine’s Day Message: Tips on Keeping the Romance Alive

Julianna’s February 13th segment on Arizona Midday 12 was all about ways to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Try these tips to add a spark–or even rekindle the flame–in your love life.

Create your own “love coupons,” or click on the links for the websites below for free, custom printable vouchers.
Romance Stuck http://www.romancestuck.com/love-coupons.htm#sthash.bOczY92U.dpbs
Romantic Ideas Online http://www.romantic-ideas-online.com/romantic-coupons.html
Knock Knock Stuff http://www.knockknockstuff.com/catalog/categories/books-other-words/vouchers/vouchers-for-lovers/
Loving Hugs http://www.lovinghugs.com/romantic_printables.php

SET A ROMANTIC STAGE: A few small touches in the bedroom can really set the mood
Paint pillowcases with hearts and roses using washable paint
Scatter rose petals
Burn scented candles
Playlist of favorite love songs
Soft lighting

You don’t need any special training. Just set a romantic stage as suggested above, pick up some coconut or jojoba oil and essential oils at any health food store and give it a try!

This is a fun and light way to get the evening started! Clever clues to various places eventually leading to the place you want to spend your evening. The destination could be a romantic restaurant, the theater, or even the master bath for a bubble bath for two. Be creative and have fun!

Sharing a meal you prepare together creates an intimacy that can be the beginning of a very romantic evening. It requires some advance planning to be sure you have everything you need, as well as the time to put it all together, but the rewards are great: a delicious candlelight meal and quality time spent with your loved one or spouse.



Tune in to my radio show and hear from Urologist, Dr Matthew Karlovsky

Dr Matthew Karlovsky was on my radio show on May 4th. His book on female urinary incontinence is outstanding. He shared so many valuable tips, ideas, techniques, treatments about a variety of conditions related to uriniary tract health in both men and women. We covered urinary tract incontinence, bladder infections, urge incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, the prostate, sex and much more! Take a listen and be sure you get a pen and paper before you download the show! http://bit.ly/KwBHi3 Be sure to visit Julianna’s radio page under the MEDIA bar on this site for more show information!

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