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4 Steps to Handling Negative Emotions

Emotions are the names we give our feelings. Good emotions such as happiness and joy are easy to feel and understand. People have trouble processing negative emotions such as anger, jealousy and grief. Negative emotions are more complicated and scary, but they also lead us to examine what is lying underneath the feeling.

Parents have the opportunity to teach children that negative emotions are not necessarily bad because they hold valuable lessons about our experiences. For example, we often react with anger when our children are angry. Instead, we need to allow children to recognize what the anger is attached to, feel its depth, identify how it can be transformed and then learn to release it from their mind and body.

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Self-Soothing is a pathway to spiritual growth


What are the intuitive pathways that can be incorporated into the family environment to encourage confidence and independence? The ebook, Raising a Happy Spirit: The Inner Wisdom of Parenting lays out the chapters on intuitive pathways in easy to follow steps that are best introduced at young ages, but can be productive when used at any stage of development during a child’s life. These pathways are tools that encourage spiritual growth. 

This blog will focus on the second pathway: Self-Soothing

Self-soothing is the ability to provide comfort to yourself when you are in pain or in an uncomfortable emotional state. Many parents feel it is their job to always soothe their child, even when unnecessary.

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Two Ways of Love

Within the expansion of spiritual awareness comes the concept of love. There are two ways of loving: one is with conditions (which is the way most people show love) and one is without any conditions at all.

Conditional love is based on control. It is when your behavior shows, “I will love you  only if…” but you don’t actually say it to your child. Examples of this are when your child does something that you don’t like that limits your ability to love purely, or, when you have an idea of something your child should be, but is not, and you hold back love. This happens all the time, and most people aren’t even aware that they are doing it. We like to think that we strive to give unconditional love.

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Loving unconditionally  is the process of allowing children to be who they are and loving exactly what you see in them. It has nothing to do with control and everything to do with freedom. It is the ability to celebrate your child in their uniqueness.

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Following the Pathways of Inner Wisdom While Parenting



There are ten intuitive pathways that can be incorporated into most parenting styles for the purpose of enriching a child’s spirit. When these pathways are used throughout the child’s growth it fosters a sense of independence, confidence and meaning that many children lack in today’s world.

The ebook titled, “Raising a Happy Spirit: The Inner Wisdom of Parenting” is about the unspoken connections that lie at the base of all relationships. Intuitive pathways will help parents recognize the fullness of each child’s purpose. They are familiar staples of parenting but they aren’t discussed often. This ebook explains them in a new way with deeper meaning and substance.

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Connect with Julianna Sometime this Summer!

Have you connected with Julianna Lyddon this summer?

Connect with Julianna Sometime this Summer!

Julianna Lyddon, MC, is a Certified Life Coach with a Masters Degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling. She is also an author, a college-level teacher, and a guest speaker who brings light and levity to all of life’s important issues.

Through her company, Connect With Julianna, she is devoted to educating her clients and guiding them on the path to raising their level of consciousness.

Julianna offers a variety of services in her practice, including life coaching, seminars and workshops, guest speaking and spiritual guidance.

She has a regular monthly television segment on Arizona Midday 12 NBC and has been featured as a guest speaker on local, state and national radio and television programs.

In October, 2010, Julianna’s first book, Raising A Happy Spirit: The Inner Wisdom of Parenting, was released. This pocket-sized book is packed with powerful messages that expand the notion of child-rearing by encouraging parents to adopt a more intuitive model for raising and educating their children. Pathways for teaching concepts such as humility, compassion and imagination are presented in a light, meaningful way.

Julianna also connects with her clients through her website, her monthly magazine, and a variety of social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, video blogging and LinkedIn.

Podcasts of her weekly radio program ,Connect With Julianna on Toginet Radio, are available on iTunes. A mobile app, “CWJ,” with all the latest Connect With Julianna updates and news about her services is available for download.


Web Site: connectwithjulianna.com

Email: connectwithjulianna@gmail.com

Phone: (602) 826-6790


Connect with Julianna this Summer

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