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4 Steps to Handling Negative Emotions

Emotions are the names we give our feelings. Good emotions such as happiness and joy are easy to feel and understand. People have trouble processing negative emotions such as anger, jealousy and grief. Negative emotions are more complicated and scary, but they also lead us to examine what is lying underneath the feeling.

Parents have the opportunity to teach children that negative emotions are not necessarily bad because they hold valuable lessons about our experiences. For example, we often react with anger when our children are angry. Instead, we need to allow children to recognize what the anger is attached to, feel its depth, identify how it can be transformed and then learn to release it from their mind and body.

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What Warning Signs Are Telling You

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Ok….so I have had more than one client talk about this lately so I would love to give my opinion.

Often we get into the trap of negating our negative feelings and believing that in order to be the “better” person, we must send unconditional love to others and ourselves and not feel badly, hurt, angry or even pissed. You know, you have all heard it….that thing about sending your enemies love. Well, here’s my take! Ultimately, that is a beautiful thing to do…to aspire to this place of sending love from our heart. It does work and it does heal! It heals us and the world!

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Teaching Kids How To Process Negative Emotions

I had a great time on TV talking about my High School Transition Coaching Program!


Teaching Kids How To Process Negative Emotions


In the photo I’m discussing the importance of teaching our kids how to process their negative emotions!

It’s so paramount to move the “stuck” or negative emotions out of the body/mind system.

Often, teens get hung up here and the emotions carry them away.

FYI…so do a lot of adults…ha,ha:)


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