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Pause for a Meditation Today

Are your days starting to run together without any time for taking a moment to pause and inhale? Are you beginning to feel out of balance?
Julianna Lyddon has created a set of 7 Chakra Audio Meditations that are unique to her intuitive style. Each of the meditations is designed specifically to bring one of the seven chakras into balance. To identify the chakra or chakras that need to be balanced, you are encouraged to consider the areas of your life that need work.
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Julianna Lyddon

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Promote health through meditation


Connect with Julianna


I want to talk a little bit about meditation. This can actually be a scary word, a bad word, a word that makes people go ahhhh, I don’t to talk about that, that’s kind of weird, its kind of out there!

So I want to bring this subject down to earth. I want to desensitize it. I want to make it very normal. Not scary, or not weird. Just because we learn to meditate does not mean that we’re strange, it does not mean that we are going to start meditating all over the place and ohming and making sounds and that kind of thing. We need to meditate. Everybody needs to try it. Because the key here is that we can calm our brain. We are basically a nation of people with out of control brains. Our thoughts go a mile a minute, we have anxiety, we have depression, we have insomnia. We have a pill for everything.   We have a pill to wake up, we have a pill to go to sleep to, we have a pill to feel better and to make everything ok… we have a pill for everything.

Now I am not anti medication. I am just merely saying that at some point me have to stop. We have to stop and look at what is going on in our heads.

We have to start calming the mind so that we have more clarity in our lives Click To Tweet

and so that we can start taking responsibility for our behavior and responsibility for everything we are experiencing in our daily lives.

Listen to the rest of the video for simple tips on meditation by clicking here:



Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Connect with Julianna

We Are All Prewired To Be An Intuitive

Connect with Julianna 


Whenever I am conducting a reading for someone or giving a talk about intuition or the development of it….I always say…I am NOT gifted, we ALL have this ability!

I get into discussions with clients about this frequently in my Intuitive Development Program. We are all prewired to be an intuitive, or a psychic a medium, or however you want to label it. It may not be your time to do the work or it may not interest you, but you still have the ability, nestled deep within your DNA to communicate, listen and decipher your spiritual self and the spirit world.

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What does meditation mean to you?

Connect with Julianna


When we are in meditation, we are entering the world of our spirit. It is a place of quiet and stillness, a place of solitude and love. It is through meditation that we build a relationship with our spirit….with our higher self.

Meditation isn’t a word that many people embrace. It is not a practice that has been commonly accepted in our society. It still has an uncomfortable connotation for many. Today, open your eyes to a new meaning, a new understanding of what meditation can be and how it can make a difference in your life!

When we begin to Meditate, we are disciplining our brain….conditioning it to work more efficiently. Many of us have brains that are spinning out of control….our thoughts won’t stop when we want them to, our anxiety levels are at an all time high, our excessive need to control our environment is growing….that’s no way to live! If I told you that you have the ability to change all of that and lead a more peaceful, fulfilling life, would you be interested?

It is through meditation that we achieve this state of calmness and bliss. When we make our brain still and stop all the chatter that we have been conditioned to accept for many years, we begin to see, feel and experience the creative life force that runs through each and every one of us.

So how do you begin to achieve this state of peace? Start small…take baby steps. Begin by committing to five minutes of silence each day. Go to a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply. Don’t fight your thoughts and feelings…instead allow them to cascade through you and release them with each breath. That’s it….that is the way to begin to meditate. A little quiet time everyday….building a relationship with your mind, your body and your spirit. With daily practice and patience, one day you may feel peace and comfort when you sit in the quiet, instead of noise and confusion. Try it…I dare you!

Julianna Lyddon

Connect With Julianna

Connect with Julianna

Set Your Compass

Set Your Compass

Set sail!

Set sail in your life. If someone said that to you, what do you think that would mean? Do you have a compass for this journey? We all have an inner compass that is part of our inner knowing or intuition. This helps us “set sail” in our lives. Sometimes our compass is off course because our direction has been diverted or lost. Our inner compass has the ability to always steer us toward HOME, we just need to pay attention and learn how to read it properly.

Part of this instruction comes in being comfortable with the stillness, the quiet. We begin to gauge our direction back home through the silence. Take the time to re-direct your course by hitting the pause button in your life and creating more space between your experiences.

With each pause you take, your compass begins to navigate and pull you back to your HOME, back to your center.

Connect with Julianna

Meet Jennifer Scott on Connect with Julianna

Jennifer Scott was on Connect with Julianna today. She has written a book entitled: That’s The Spirit…How Opening My Channel Can Help Open Yours. Jennifer is also a Hypnotherapist and revealed her amazingly, haunting journey into connecting with spirit! She had a breakdown in oder to break through and be able to channel her spirit guides. Jennifer says it is necessary to surrender and let go of control in order to open your channel and begin communication with the spirit world. She encourages us to all begin this journey because spirit is always there, waiting to communicate with us, but often we are too busy and scared to let go enough to begin to trust in something invisible and deep in nature. Several callers shared their empowering stories of working with Jennifer and how they are on their own path toward listening and having communication with their spirit guides. Susan says…”I feel more myself than I did before…more stable, steady”. Here is the podcast of the radio show: http://bit.ly/GLH7KT  ENJOY 🙂

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