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Are you Getting your Needs Met?

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I want to talk about getting your needs met in your relationship. Let me tell you this is one that I see a lot. It has come up lately in my practice. So whatever happens I try to bring it up in my blog to provide some really helpful tips for people. But here’s the thing, whether you’re in a relationship and maybe your partner is having an affair, maybe they’re having a physical affair. Maybe you found out they are having an emotional affair. Maybe it’s not to that point but you’re in a relationship where you just feel dull. Where you just feel almost frozen, like nothing is really making a difference. You’re not feeling fully connected to that person you’re just kind of going through the motions.


I get a lot of people saying that “you know what?” I just have a roommate. I don’t feel like there is any chemistry, I don’t feel like there is any sexual energy between us. We just kind of live together and take care of each other. Because we do care about one another but we’ve lost that kind of passion.


So no matter what your issue is you know there’s something wrong in your relationship and the first thing I have to say here is to reach out and get the support you need.

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Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Connect with Julianna

Are you thinking about moving in together or getting married?


Connect with Julianna


Hi its Julianna Lyddon here and so today I want to talk about something that came up my classroom. I teach college kids, incoming freshmen in Arizona and today we were talking a little bit about habits and how we can stop behaviors before they become habitual and having that real awareness of what a habit is and how long it takes a habit to be actually formed and really getting in there and making that unnecessary shift.

Some of the kids brought up….. we have such great discussions …and some of them brought up this concept of relationships and marriages and how complicated that can be when two people have very specific habits. And how they come together in a relationship and how it can be extra difficult at eradicating or even really making the shift that’s very necessary so then the conversation kinda parlayed into someone asking if I believe in premarital counseling and so we had a discussion about that and I absolutely think that if individuals would go to see someone before they get married or even moved in together more marriages would be salvaged… would be saved.

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Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Connect with Julianna


#1 FEAR we all have in common?


#1 FEAR we all have in common?


#1 FEAR we all have in common?

Do you know what it is?

This is Julianna Lyddon and here is my question for you today.  Do you know what the number one fear is that most of us have in common?  Take a second… if you guessed being alone than you nailed it.  Studies show that most of us are scared of being alone at one time or another in our lives.  Now its natural for us to be concerned about this as we get older especially if we are going to lose our partner or we are in ill health.  But I want to talk about this concept of really being ok with being alone. No matter how old you are.  Because here’s the thing,

we spend our lives building relationships outside of ourselves Click To Tweet

We spend time working at the family relationships.  We spend time working at the relationships at our work or in our community or with our neighbors or in-laws and on and on.  But often we don’t spend time getting to know ourselves.  Many of us can define who we are by the relationships that we are in.  You know that individual who when their loved one goes out of town and they are alone, they have to go to stay at someone else’s house. Or we know that individual that can’t go anywhere without being with other people or they always have to be busy.  Because being alone is very scary, is very unsettling.  

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Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna


#1 FEAR we all have in common?

Sleeping in separate beds….is it good for your relationship?


As couples, should we sleep in separate bedrooms?  

Okay here’s the thing, almost 26% of us say that they do sleep in separate bedrooms.  And there are a myriad of reasons for this.  Some of us have restless leg syndrome, some of our partners snore, some have sleep apnea and have that apparatus to help them sleep.  Some have a hard time getting to sleep and are getting up and down a lot.  Some have different work schedules.  The 26%, those that said that they do sleep in separate bedrooms don’t like to talk about it, they are embarrassed about it and feel judged. And people feel that if you are sleeping in separate bedrooms, their marriage must really be on the rocks.  Well I am here to tell you that those I have spoken with, who have made the decision to sleep in separate bedrooms are so much happier.  Here’s the key, the quality of life issue is what we are dealing with here.  If you cannot get a restful night of sleep and its happening to you more than a couple of times a week, its going to affect you on many facets of your life. 

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Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Sleeping in separate beds....is it good for your relationship?


Until You’ve Walked a Mile in Their Shoes

Until You've Walked a Mile in Their Shoes


Until You’ve Walked a Mile in Their Shoes…

I have mentioned that I am going to occasionally post many of my personal lessons, epiphanies and learning as I move along my journey in life as a guide and coach on so many levels.

Extra-marital affairs:

I deal with couples all the time and do a great deal of work with them surrounding affairs. I have learned so much with regard to this subject matter and much of it may not be understood or even agreed with, but has helped to shape my belief and the way I support and guide couples through this complex issue.

There are so many reasons people have affairs and I am not going into all of that in this post. The most important piece I want to share is more about the “judgement” of the affair. This especially pertains to those on the outside looking into the marriage. The adage about “walking in someone else’s shoes” is so true here. I know we all have triggers and trauma and scars related to affairs and I know it has colored our beliefs in many profound ways. I get that! It’s a really complicated, sensitive subject and one that must be dealt with in a strong, but graceful way.

The biggest learning I have gleaned from all my work around this subject is more about those women that decide to stay after the affair, even though they have been hurt and almost broken. I have witnessed so many women who make the decision to stay, to work on themselves by going within in order to salvage what may be left in their marriage. In our society, I rarely hear a voice for these amazingly strong women. What I do hear is criticism, judgement and a roll of the eyes….”why would she stay…she needs to leave…she is so weak….why does she put up with that!”

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Is This All There Is?

I see it ALL the time…I HEAR it all the time!! It can happen within a marriage, personal life, work, relationships, but when it happens it explodes! What is it?? It’s the feeling of…”is this all there is?”…”is this how it’s gonna be forever?”

Is This All There Is?


It can come as the wake up call in your job that feels like a dead end or within a marriage that feels stale and lonely or both or can be disguised as depression or anxiety or something that is unexplainable. However it comes, when it arrives, it often creates turbulence, crisis, trauma and more. Some call it a midlife crisis, a mental breakdown, an emotional upheaval or even a health scare….I call it something quite different…I call it a gift!

It’s a gift only if we take the time to examine what’s inside. It may be marinating for a long time and when it finally presents itself, in all its glory, you may find that you have to unwrap many layers to reach its beauty. There are many side effects that appear along the way as we are building up to the final break. Those side effects are merely symptoms alerting us to a bigger problem. Do we listen to the side effects/symptoms? Often, we ignore them and push them under the carpet, creating an even bigger elephant in the room. We work hard at creating many distractions that we believe will soothe us and help us ignore the symptoms that are slowly nagging deep within. After time, we start, what I call, the “slow bleed”….this is where the symptoms/side effects have taken their toll and we become complacent or even numb to the circumstances. At this point we have the ability to explode in a variety of ways…hence the crisis!

I see the beauty of the “gift” everyday in my work. The journey of life is not meant to be easy and effortless. We are here to do the work. We are here to learn the lessons. We are here to go through the challenges. We do this in order to grow and transform. It is part of the human condition. It is through the crisis that we awaken to our potential. I always ask my clients….”what is the learning in this experience?” Often, when you’re in it, it can be hard to see (that’s when the trusted guide helps), but if you get in the habit of asking, it’s amazing what you might discover.

Takeaway….the crisis is the gift…unwrap with care.


Is This All There Is?

The Chakra System Workshop

Julianna conducts seminars and workshops on a variety of marriage, family, and personal growth topics.  These workshops can be given in different venues and for various groups in the community, schools or for special events. Below is a description of her  popular Chakra System Workshop.

To schedule a seminar at your location, please contact Julianna Lyddon directly at connectwithjulianna@gmail.com.

Chakra System Workshop

The Chakra System workshop is designed to educate individuals about the energy centers that make up the chakra system of the human body and how they can be used as a tool toward personal introspection and enlightenment. Individuals will learn the attributes associated with each of the seven chakras, including the location, bodily function, gland, sense, emotional/personal qualities, color, sound, and finger/toe relationship. Julianna shares unique tips on how to access the messages that lie within each of the seven basic chakra systems. Using essential oils, breathing techniques, and sound, participants will have the opportunity to practice opening the chakras for increased energy flow. Attendees are asked to dress in comfortable, loose clothing and bring a mat to lay on for the exercise sections of the workshop.
Topics covered include:
• Introduction to the Chakra System
• Root Chakra
• Pelvic Chakra
• Solar Plexus Chakra
• Heart Chakra
• Throat Chakra
• Brow Chakra
• Crown Chakra
• Mind/Body/Spirit Integration


The Chakra System Workshop

A Special Valentine’s Day Message: Tips on Keeping the Romance Alive

Julianna’s February 13th segment on Arizona Midday 12 was all about ways to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Try these tips to add a spark–or even rekindle the flame–in your love life.

Create your own “love coupons,” or click on the links for the websites below for free, custom printable vouchers.
Romance Stuck http://www.romancestuck.com/love-coupons.htm#sthash.bOczY92U.dpbs
Romantic Ideas Online http://www.romantic-ideas-online.com/romantic-coupons.html
Knock Knock Stuff http://www.knockknockstuff.com/catalog/categories/books-other-words/vouchers/vouchers-for-lovers/
Loving Hugs http://www.lovinghugs.com/romantic_printables.php

SET A ROMANTIC STAGE: A few small touches in the bedroom can really set the mood
Paint pillowcases with hearts and roses using washable paint
Scatter rose petals
Burn scented candles
Playlist of favorite love songs
Soft lighting

You don’t need any special training. Just set a romantic stage as suggested above, pick up some coconut or jojoba oil and essential oils at any health food store and give it a try!

This is a fun and light way to get the evening started! Clever clues to various places eventually leading to the place you want to spend your evening. The destination could be a romantic restaurant, the theater, or even the master bath for a bubble bath for two. Be creative and have fun!

Sharing a meal you prepare together creates an intimacy that can be the beginning of a very romantic evening. It requires some advance planning to be sure you have everything you need, as well as the time to put it all together, but the rewards are great: a delicious candlelight meal and quality time spent with your loved one or spouse.



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