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Create an “Imagination Board”

This is a fun activity for all ages. You may use poster board, foam board, cardboard . . . whatever backdrop you want. Collect pictures that represent the desires you want to imagine into your future.

The sky’s the limit! Let your imagination soar! Paste, staple, or tack your pictures to the board as you collect them.

Keep your Imagination Board in a place where you will see it every day. Take time each day to look at the pictures, then close your eyes and allow your imagination to create a story for you in a manner similar to the healing symbol work where you created a movie to run through your mind. Be detailed.

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Bring Your Dreams to Fruition



What do you want? Why do you want it? Take the time to give these questions some thought.

Elaborate on them seeing the answers in your imagination.


This is where you really expand your view or picture as if it is a movie in your mind. See yourself in the vision.

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The New Moon Brings Change


The new moon is a time for renewal and change. Create your own ritual by lighting a candle and setting your intention for the new year. Take a moment to be still and reflect on what you truly desire. We are constantly co-creating with the universe. Often we do it unconsciously ….isn’t it time to manifest your dreams, consciously? Our Create mantra candle reminds us …”I consciously create my dreams”

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Learn the Necessary Steps Towards Manifesting

Connect with Julianna


One of the things that’s been on my mind lately I’ve been talking a lot about it in workshops or talking to groups of people, really anyone that will listen! Is the concept of using our imagination, and how we can actually use it in order to bring what we want into our reality. Here’s the thing that I want to leave you with today, and that is that we our master co-creators of our reality. That we have the ability, that we have the magnificence to bring whatever we want into our reality.


Think about your imagination like this. Everything you see in the world, everything from this computer, to your car, to an airplane to a chair to a television set, whatever it is, it all started in someone’s imagination as that imaginative thought. Now it may have taken teams of people, it may have taken years to bring it to fruition, but that just gives you an idea of how amazingly powerful we are as human beings.


And so often I find that people don’t believe in their power. They’re not standing in their power. They might intellectually know that they’re powerful and read about it and talk about it, but they don’t actually live it.

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Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna


Connect with Julianna

Let yourself emerge like nature

Let yourself emerge like nature


What I have learned…..The trees don’t think about not growing. The blades of grass don’t contemplate if they should sprout or not. The sun doesn’t feel guilty and therefore not rise. Then why do we as humans put up such a fight and create an unnecessary struggle, when, often, we don’t have to?

The lesson that is so very hard for all of us to grasp is related to our own power and thoughts. I am always working with people on how to bring their dreams to fruition and I like to call it “master manifesting”. Here’s the biggest problem I see (I see another workshop brewing). We have an idea and want it badly, but somewhere along the way, we get scared because the idea just may be too big to actually bring into the world. This FEAR creates an ambiguous pattern that ensues. We take a step and then wait and then get confused and then that uncertainty turns to doubt and paralyzes us again. Sound familiar? Often, what I hear, is something like this: ” I’m not sure how to proceed so I’m waiting for a sign to help me decide”. The waiting is the biggest issue. I’m not saying you shouldn’t collaborate with the universe because we SHOULD for sure, but it’s HOW we should do it that counts.


We are always co-creating with this magical universe. Most often we aren’t aware of it because we do it unconsciously or subconsciously. Recognizing those unconscious patterns can help us unravel where our motivation gets trapped or stuck.

Back to the beginning when I mentioned the grass and the trees and the sun. Nature is one of our greatest teachers. The human condition is complicated and that brain has a good way of getting in the way. We OVERCOMPLICATE so much of our lives. When we have dreams, why do we get so overwhelmed with those dreams? We believe we can’t and convince ourselves it’s not worth following our heart or passion and in turn become complacent and unhappy. Of course we can’t drop everything and go after a dream when we can’t support ourselves etc. This isn’t what I’m talking about. I’m referencing something more. I’m speaking to our truth, our heart, our soul and not honoring it or allowing it to shine. Don’t wait too long for a sign or for someone else to believe in you so you can believe in yourself.

You hold the power and once you step into that place, all is possible! Click To Tweet

We co-create with this universe and if you are waiting, you will often get more of the “waiting” in your life or more of the back and forth energy. When we act as nature does and do what comes naturally for us, we grow and prosper and our dreams will begin to emerge, bit by bit. You will stop holding on so tight to the FEAR that keeps you from your greatness.

Next time your heart is beckoning you to emerge, think of nature and align with her beauty and the courage to just “BE”. You are magnificent beyond measure, start believing it!

 Connect with Julianna

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What is your unique truth?

Truth Mantra Candle


Mantra Candles and Unique Truth


What is the connection between my mantra candles and unique truth? I created the Mantra Candle Collection after working in my coaching practice for years and wanting Something tangible that could help people focus on their dreams and set intentions. Click To Tweet I came up with six of the most common problems I see with my patients and created a set of Mantra candles to help. These candles allow people to hold the mantra they need in their mind as they focus on manifesting their dreams or goals. The actual process of placing the candle in a special place and lighting it helps to pull awareness to the intention and encourage focus.

The message behind the Truth Mantra candle is that we can’t bring our dreams to fruition without aligning with our unique truth and vocalizing it. This candle is a great way to be reminded of this powerful lesson. The crystal that’s nestled inside will also serve as a continued reminder by becoming a touchstone after the candle has burned.


Connect with Julianna

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