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Hi its Julianna Lyddon here and so today I want to talk about something that came up my classroom. I teach college kids, incoming freshmen in Arizona and today we were talking a little bit about habits and how we can stop behaviors before they become habitual and having that real awareness of what a habit is and how long it takes a habit to be actually formed and really getting in there and making that unnecessary shift.

Some of the kids brought up….. we have such great discussions …and some of them brought up this concept of relationships and marriages and how complicated that can be when two people have very specific habits. And how they come together in a relationship and how it can be extra difficult at eradicating or even really making the shift that’s very necessary so then the conversation kinda parlayed into someone asking if I believe in premarital counseling and so we had a discussion about that and I absolutely think that if individuals would go to see someone before they get married or even moved in together more marriages would be salvaged… would be saved.

Listen to the complete video here.



Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Connect with Julianna


A Special Valentine’s Day Message: Tips on Keeping the Romance Alive

Julianna’s February 13th segment on Arizona Midday 12 was all about ways to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Try these tips to add a spark–or even rekindle the flame–in your love life.

Create your own “love coupons,” or click on the links for the websites below for free, custom printable vouchers.
Romance Stuck http://www.romancestuck.com/love-coupons.htm#sthash.bOczY92U.dpbs
Romantic Ideas Online http://www.romantic-ideas-online.com/romantic-coupons.html
Knock Knock Stuff http://www.knockknockstuff.com/catalog/categories/books-other-words/vouchers/vouchers-for-lovers/
Loving Hugs http://www.lovinghugs.com/romantic_printables.php

SET A ROMANTIC STAGE: A few small touches in the bedroom can really set the mood
Paint pillowcases with hearts and roses using washable paint
Scatter rose petals
Burn scented candles
Playlist of favorite love songs
Soft lighting

You don’t need any special training. Just set a romantic stage as suggested above, pick up some coconut or jojoba oil and essential oils at any health food store and give it a try!

This is a fun and light way to get the evening started! Clever clues to various places eventually leading to the place you want to spend your evening. The destination could be a romantic restaurant, the theater, or even the master bath for a bubble bath for two. Be creative and have fun!

Sharing a meal you prepare together creates an intimacy that can be the beginning of a very romantic evening. It requires some advance planning to be sure you have everything you need, as well as the time to put it all together, but the rewards are great: a delicious candlelight meal and quality time spent with your loved one or spouse.



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