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Eliminate the work and stress from sex


Eliminate the work and stress from sex:

1. Communication. It is very important to communicate with your partner in a gentle, non-threatening manner. Always approach sexual topics with an open mind and an open heart.

Questions to discuss with your partner:

How would you describe the type of communication you have with your partner?

Do you feel comfortable sharing intimate feelings and ideas with your partner?

Do you communicate during an argument or does it escalate to the point of no return?

How do you end up resolving a conflict–through passive-aggressive means until it fades away or are you comfortable talking about how to resolve the issue at hand?

Do you feel like you can share your sexual fantasies with your partner?

Do you know how to communicate with your partner in a loving, compassionate way?

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Does Your Relationship Have A Slow Bleed?

photo-380Often, when working with couples, I see a condition that is common in many longterm relationships…..I call it a slow bleed. This happens over time and couples typically aren’t even aware of it, until it’s too late. It can be hard to keep your relationship a priority in today’s busy world. With the stress of family, work, projects and life in general, we often begin to take our relationship for granted. We slowly begin the drift….finding that our common interests are no longer similar and often the roles that were shared are now deeply divided and communication becomes a thing of the past and sex, well, what’s that?. Years go by, kids are raised, and before you know it, it seems like your partner is now simply your roommate.

Often, by the time they come to my office, there are deep rifts in communication. Neither one feels understood or heard. Feelings have been hurt deeply and a bridge must be built to get back to what they once had. The good news is….this can be done and it is all the time! If the desire and discipline are there, the relationship can be healed. The most important bit of information to take form this post is to be proactive….make your relationship a priority and stay involved with each other so that the slow bleed doesn’t fracture your relationship. It is sneaky and insidious.

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