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Are you making a transition that you need help with?

Are you in a job or phase of your like that doesn’t feel fulfilling? Are you a new college graduate and uncertain what direction to take next? Do you often wonder what your purpose is in life, but not sure how to discover it or even where to begin? If so, this coaching program is for you.

Transitioning from High School or College?

Connect With Julianna
High school and college can be filled with many obstacles and insecurities. Students may have difficulties adjusting to the changes. If so, they run the risk of negative outcomes such as lower grades, more disciplinary problems, higher failure rates, and feeling that they just don’t “fit in.” Why not make these transitions smoother for your children and increase their chances of success in high school, college, and beyond?
Academic preparation is only half the equation. The Transition Coaching Program for High School and College Students is the missing link that provides life skills training not taught in schools. The comprehensive skill sets students obtain through this program gives them an added edge for success in high school and college. The lessons and concepts taught in the program encourage success not only in academia, but in social and interpersonal relationships as well.
Most importantly, the program is not a “one size fits all” approach. This accountability-based coaching program for high school and college students in uniquely tailored for the specific needs and goals of each student/client.
Availability is not limited by location. The program is available one-on-one in person or via Skype worldwide.
• Problem Solving Techniques
• Stress Reduction Tools
• Personal Goal-Setting
• Self-Awareness Training
• Time Management Skills
• Emotional Intelligence Education
• Enhancing Social Skills
To schedule your one-on-one coaching session you may contact Julianna Lyddon directly at connectwithjulianna@gmail.com or visit her website to get more information at www.connectwithjulianna.com
Julianna Lyddon
Connect With Julianna
 Connect with Julianna

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