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Affairs and Emotional Needs

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I had a great conversation on Facebook with many of my friends about what constitutes an affair. The feedback and conversation that started was awesome. This video is an extension of that dialogue and pinpoints what I have seen in my practice. I’m hoping it will help individuals understand what’s at the nucleus of the affair and why people have affairs. Please leave comments   🙂


Today want to do my video blog on affairs. I see it a lot. Its men and women. The divorce rate is really kinda pushing up there. It fluctuates somewhat but it is definitely over fifty percent. And a lot of people I see are having affairs. They’re still in the marriage. They’re trying to continue the affair and continue the marriage because it’s so complicated at this point they don’t really know how to get out of the affair. And they don’t know how to bridge the place where they have to be open and honest in the marriage because oh my gosh…how would that look and how complicated could that potentially be right?

So I’m speaking to you today without judgement but just to give you some information that may help you understand why people have affairs. So when you find out that your spouse or partner or significant other is having an affair, what often happens is we get so hung up on the sexual aspect of it. Why are you having sex with them? What do they have that I don’t have? What kind of sex and how often?

Watch the complete video here.

Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Connect with Julianna


Are you Getting your Needs Met?

Connect with Julianna

I want to talk about getting your needs met in your relationship. Let me tell you this is one that I see a lot. It has come up lately in my practice. So whatever happens I try to bring it up in my blog to provide some really helpful tips for people. But here’s the thing, whether you’re in a relationship and maybe your partner is having an affair, maybe they’re having a physical affair. Maybe you found out they are having an emotional affair. Maybe it’s not to that point but you’re in a relationship where you just feel dull. Where you just feel almost frozen, like nothing is really making a difference. You’re not feeling fully connected to that person you’re just kind of going through the motions.


I get a lot of people saying that “you know what?” I just have a roommate. I don’t feel like there is any chemistry, I don’t feel like there is any sexual energy between us. We just kind of live together and take care of each other. Because we do care about one another but we’ve lost that kind of passion.


So no matter what your issue is you know there’s something wrong in your relationship and the first thing I have to say here is to reach out and get the support you need.

Listen to the complete video here:



Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Connect with Julianna

Guys, Wrap It!!!

Guys, Wrap It!!!

Guys, Wrap It!!!


You have to hear this!!!! In my practice I have heard everything… the good, the bad and the ugly! Rarely does anything phase me. As many of you know, a large part of my practice is helping women and girls find their voice and stand in their power. I help a lot with dating and relationship building techniques, etc. Today I was actually shocked and was laughing out loud!!

My client was telling me about a guy she was dating and she had found out he had an affair on her. When I asked if she asked him if he used a condom, she said yes and wait until you hear this!!! He said…..”no I didn’t, but that’s okay because in case you didn’t know….when you fuck really hard, your immune system gets heightened and you can’t get STD’s!”

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