The sound of the root chakra is the note C and the sound is LAM. If you have a musical instrument or tuning fork, you can tune the middle C in order to reach the correct pitch. The root chakra resonates at this particular frequency. Vocalizing the sound of the chakra helps to freely connect with it. Try to feel the vibration of C in your voice while pushing the sound and vibration down into the area of the root chakra. Feel the vibration in your tailbone/coccyx. Be sure your vocalization is loud enough for you to hear and feel it in your body.

Many essential oils provide support for the root chakra. Lavender is the most calming and relaxing. Put a bit of lavender essential oil on a Q-Tip to smell, or pour some in your bath, or dab some on your skin to enjoy the peaceful influence. Relax while inhaling the oil through deep breaths, relaxing a little bit more with each breath. Imagine your root chakra opening up and spinning in a beautiful red color. Think of yourself releasing anything that may be holding you back. Allow yourself to relax and let go of any unnecessary worries. See if you can identify changes in the color, shape, or spinning motion of the root chakra as you relax and inhale the oil. Be certain to do these exercises with organic lavender oil since you don’t want any fillers or perfumes.

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