There are several intuitive pathways of parenting and I would like to share one of them here.  These pathways are tools that encourage spiritual growth.  One tool is Imagination. Imagination is part of the creative life force energy that moves through each and every one of us. Every person on this planet has creative ability. Ask yourself what you most like to do and chances are your answer will involve using creative energy. Parenthood offers great opportunities to engage in these kinds of activities with children.

When we are involved in a creative endeavor, time seems to stand still. We get lost in our creative bliss and when we come out of the activity, we are surprised at how long we were engaged in the project. This is an example of living in the present moment. Imagination keeps us in the here and now, celebrating thoughts, ideas, pictures and symbols.

Individuals who use their imaginations have an easier time finding inventive ways to live their lives. Imagination may seem like child’s play, but that is precisely what most adults are missing–their childlike sense of adventure.

Children who use their imaginations will grow into adults who create their own reality. The more we encourage our children to expand their imaginations, the better they will be at creative thinking and problem solving skills. The child who has an active imagination will become a person who grows up seeing lots of different solutions and options. If they encounter a roadblock, they will know how to create a new way around it toward success and happiness.

Reading aloud to your child is a wonderful way to help him or her sharpen imaginative skills. It is the first step in reinforcing the growth of their imagination. When we read to children, we enter a place of make believe. This can be a deeply emotional experience that sets the child up for learning to visualize with pictures and symbols and even to verbalize their imaginative experiences.

Through imagination, children believe that anything is possible! The story touches the imagination because it becomes a playground for bringing dreams into reality and opens the door to where intuition is discovered and where it develops.

Imagination is different from intuition, but it is through imagination that we learn to access intuition. As imagination awakens over time in the child’s mind, they learn to pay attention to the images and ideas that arise. This builds the foundation for them to be comfortable with the language of intuition.

Gather a collection of books or even make up your own stories, but do start reading aloud to your child at birth. Have fun with the stories as your child develops and allow yourself to connect with your inner child through your heart and mind. Let your child see you get lost in your own imagination.

Beyond books, help children stretch their imaginations by playing the game of make believe. Start by asking kids to think of a subject. Encourage a theme that is very different from your normal routine such as magic carpets or flying saucers in order to imagine traveling all over the universe.

The make believe game can be played in the car, while cooking dinner, bath time, before bed–whenever the mood strikes. The benefit of this game is that it expands your child’s imagination and visualization techniques. The child becomes more comfortable in their mind and inner world. They recognize that their imaginary ideas and thoughts belong to them and that it is a safe place where they can go at will and enjoy their creative genius.

The language of imagination is symbols and pictures. When we become comfortable using our imaginations to create unique mental images and fantastic stories, we exercise that part of our spirit where our intuitive sense is born.

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