Julianna Lyddon, the creator and owner of Enlighten Candles Arizona, is as she says, “candle obsessed”. She believed there was a way to create a candle that threw a powerful scent, but was also as Eco-friendly as possible.

Julianna’s newest passion is her Enlighten Essentials line of skin care products.  The Essentials line includes 4 products; the Body Butter, the Hydrating Facial Serum, the Lip Balm and the Skinfood Essentials.  Each one is crafted by hand in small batches in their factory located in Prescott, Arizona.

To celebrate and to share the joy of Mother’s Day, Julianna has created the Sentiments Candle Collection and most especially the “I Love You Mom” candle for your special Mother’s Day gift.

The enlightened sentiments collection is their way of sending a unique message to a loved one. They have seven different sentiments to choose from that capture a variety of celebrations, special moments or just your way of saying I care.

The “I love you mom” candle, says it all. It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day to send mom this candle!

To purchase your nourishing body products or that sentimental gift for your Mother’s Day gift, visit the website by clicking here!

Julianna Lyddon

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