Sexuality is a huge part of who we are as spiritual beings. Sexual energy is POWERFUL, and an orgasm is the closest thing to the feeling of union with our highest self. When all of our chakras are aligned and in balance, they flow through each one expanding and moving energy, creating euphoria with each orgasm. It is lovingly expansive, and will change you forever.

Many of us have a lot of distorted sexual beliefs. Some have been told that our genitalia are bad. Many of us hate our sexual organs, and because of this we have shut them down. We don’t enjoy sex OR we have become so distorted that we are destructive in our sexual energy using it to control and dominate others. We need to learn how to use our sexual energy appropriately in a balanced ~ loving way.

All of our seven chakras need to be balanced and this means they are flowing and open. We can feel when these energy centers are open and free because we feel more healthy, balanced and grounded. When they are shut down or not open, they become fragmented and it keeps us from being whole.


The Root Chakra

Feeling Safe, Supported, Grounded, Trust, BEING SEXUAL. With regard to sex, this is where our sexual foundation is formed. We move throughout our lives from this framework.

The Sacral Chakra

Procreation, Sexuality, Creativity (are you bored in your sex life?), Desire, Vitality, Emotions (are you emotionally connected to your partner?), Honesty, Are Your Desires Fulfilled?

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Self-Control, Responsible, Able to Set Boundaries, Power plays can be utilized and egos can be abused. We can use our solar plexus as a powerful sexual tool, so we need to be careful we are not asserting our sexual power over others. For women, we need to use this power to make sure our sexual needs are met.

The Heart Chakra

Expression of Oneness, Honesty, Healthy Relationships, Balance of Giving and Receiving. If you are having sex with people you do not love this is a MAJOR distortion of your sexual energy. Because LOVE is very important in the sexual act, if you are having sex without engaging in the energy of the heart chakra you’re grossly distorting your entire energetic system. The three lower chakras will be blocked from allowing a higher spiritual energy to grow. You must also LOVE yourself. If you are having sex to receive love from someone who does not love you, then you will not find the love you seek. You will be blocking the energy from coming to you.

The Throat Chakra

Clear, Truthful Communication, Able to Express Feelings through Words. Are you a good listener? You are willing to hear the needs of your partner? It is in this chakra that you share with your partner what you like and what you want.

The Spiritual Eye Chakra

Intuition, Imagination, Discernment, Able to Visualize, CLEAR SEEING, Able to See Others as Divine, ONENESS. When we use this chakra properly in sexual relationships we are attaining a state of unification with another soul. It is then we are able to see them, see their truth, see their light.

The Crown Chakra

BLISS, Expanded Consciousness, Transcendence, Deep Understanding, Spiritual Energy. When this chakra is combined with the rising of the sexual energy, it is then that we can reach a heightened altered state. The bliss of oneness with another soul and unification of God/Goddess within. The crown chakra carries the energy of the SPIRIT!

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