One out of three couples suffer from a low sex drive.

Twenty percent of married couples have sex less than ten times a year.

Low sex drive is the number one complaint brought to sex therapists.

Fifty percent of the population are lacking sexual desire.

Why is healthy, active, fulfilling sex missing in so many relationships? Are we too busy with life? Too tired? Too stressed? Headaches or “just not feeling very good?”


Are you aware of how your sexuality is tied to your connection to yourself? Being truly in touch with your sexuality is another way of tapping into the life force energy that flows through you. For example, when you have an amazing sexual experience . . . you usually don‟t forget it. Why? Because:

The passion was intense;

The sensations were electric;

It was a euphoric state for a moment . . . separated from reality;

Typically, the trust and connectedness experienced with your partner was unforgettable;

It may have been a spiritual type of enlightenment.

When some or all of these elements are present during a sexual experience it means the energy is flowing through your second chakra, also known as the pelvic chakra. Energy is open and moving freely, allowing for intense sensations and experiences to manifest freely, naturally, and effortlessly.

Open energy flow occurs in other aspects of our lives. When energy flows without constriction all parts of life seem to be in harmony. Have you ever been involved in something you love to do so intensely that it brings you joy and bliss? It may be an artistic endeavor or a creative hobby, but when you are engaged in it time seems to stand still and the world seems perfect and right. Your heart is full. It is within your power to feel this way when connecting to your sexuality. If this chakra is closed and the energy doesn’t seem to be flowing, you can wake it up. It‟s never too late!

Freud had it right when he claimed we are sexual beings. We are sexual beings and we should not deny this part of ourselves.

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