Julianna conducts seminars and workshops on a variety of marriage, family, and personal growth topics. Below are descriptions of her most popular seminars and workshops. These workshops can be given in different venues and for various groups in the community, schools or for special events. 

To schedule a seminar at your location, please contact Julianna Lyddon directly at connectwithjulianna@gmail.com.

Happy children who are loved and celebrated become well-adjusted, confident adults. But how do we get them there? This workshop presents the pathways parents can use to actually teach concepts like compassion, humility, forgiveness, and self-soothing to their children. You will learn to adopt a more intuitive model for parenting–one that creates a spiritual significance within the home environment so parents and children can bond on a more connective level.




The Chakra System workshop is designed to educate individuals about the energy centers that make up the chakra system of the human body and how they can be used as a tool toward personal introspection and enlightenment. Individuals will learn the attributes associated with each of the seven chakras, including the location, bodily function, gland, sense, emotional/personal qualities, color, sound, and finger/toe relationship. Julianna shares unique tips on how to access the messages that lie within each of the seven basic chakra systems. Using essential oils, breathing techniques, and sound, participants will have the opportunity to practice opening the chakras for increased energy flow. Attendees are asked to dress in comfortable, loose clothing and bring a mat to lay on for the exercise sections of the workshop.
Topics covered include:

• Introduction to the Chakra System
• Root Chakra
• Pelvic Chakra
• Solar Plexus Chakra
• Heart Chakra
• Throat Chakra
• Brow Chakra
• Crown Chakra
• Mind/Body/Spirit Integration


Are you feeling stuck in the dating game? Are you looking for your Mr. Right, but find yourself with Mr. Wrong? The key to developing relationships with the kind of men you are truly compatible with starts and ends with YOU! This workshop teaches you techniques and strategies to fine tune your mindset and intentions to attract the partner uniquely suited for you. You will learn practical, realistic methods that will empower you to not only stand in your personal power, but discover the beautiful “goddess” within. When you are the best “you” that you can be, you will do less seeking and find you are attracting the type of man you both desire and deserve. As the dynamic dating scene changes and evolves through social networking and other avenues, Julianna incorporates new tips and secrets into this fun, interactive dating class.


The Mind, Body, Spirit Integration seminar teaches the meaning and importance of mind/body/spirit integration. Topics covered include: techniques for deciphering body/mind/spirit messages; awareness; emotional intelligence; processing emotions; and connecting with the spirit. Exercises are incorporated throughout the workshop, along with tips on how to continue on the journey of awareness. The purpose of the seminar is to teach individuals how to enhance all facets of the human experience through mind/body/spirit integration for personal introspection and growth. Attendees are asked to dress in comfortable, loose clothing and bring a mat for the exercise portion of the seminar.
Topics covered include:

• The Complexity of Human Beings
• Deciphering Messages
• Becoming Aware
• The Mind/Body/Spirit Experience
• The Mind/Body/Spirit Connection
• Emotional Intelligence
• Processing Emotions
• Calming the Brain
• The Spiritual Connection

For The Mature Woman
The Celebrate Your Life Empowerment seminar addresses topics of interest and concern to many mature women in today’s fast-paced, dynamic society including identifying and combating occasional depression and anxiety; building support systems; listening to your intuitive wisdom; integrating the mind, body, and spirit; embracing the mature female body; and navigating the generation gap. Women will be given ideas, tools, and resources to empower themselves, to boost self-esteem, and build confidence in their senior years. This is also an opportunity for mature women to learn from one another and share ideas in a fun, interactive atmosphere. Attendees are asked to dress in comfortable, loose clothing and bring a mat for the exercise portion of the seminar.

Topics covered include:

• Symptoms of Depression
• Techniques for Overcoming Depression
• The Power of Positive Thoughts
• Symptoms of Anxiety
• Techniques for Overcoming Anxiety
• Mind/Body/Spirit Connection
• Intuition
• Issues About Becoming a “Burden”
• Planner vs. Procrastinator
• How to Empower Yourself
• Building Support Systems
• The Mature Body
• Bridging the Generation Gap


The Tapping Into Your Imagination seminar explores the power of imagination in our daily lives. In adulthood, many of us disregard the benefits and rewards of the imagination we naturally used as children. By tapping into the imagination, individuals will discover their own unique, creative talents and desires. As these desires and talents are brought to the surface, life becomes more fulfilling, more purposeful, and more joyful. In this fun, interactive seminar, Julianna offers attendees a step-by-step approach on how to tap into their imagination to enhance their lives. Participants are asked to bring a picture of a desire, interest, and/or passion that they would like to imagine into reality.
Topics covered include:

• What Is Imagination?
• How To Use Your Imagination
• The Power of Imagination
• Imagination as Creative Genius
• Thoughts and Energy
• Clearing Blockages
• Bringing Desires and Passions Into Reality


Empower Your Sexuality
The Sexual Empowerment Workshop is for women of all ages who are
interested in exploring how their energy system impacts their sexuality. You will be educated on the importance of the relationship between sexual energy and the chakra system. This is a forum designed to empower women to celebrate their sexuality, as well as an opportunity to learn from one another, share ideas, and discuss desires and inhibitions in a fun, interactive atmosphere. The latest in toys and games, creative ideas for sexual play, tips for increasing intimacy, and other ideas to enhance sexual pleasure are also explored. The Empower Your Sexuality! workbook is included.
Topics covered include:

• Empowering Your Sexuality
• Tips for Enhancing Sexual Intimacy
• Trust and Sexual Communication Issues
• Sex, Positive?
• Healthy Sexuality
• Finding the G-spot
• Ideas for Sex Play
• Sex Toys and Games
• References for Additional Sexual Empowerment


A Unique Opportunity for Mothers & Young Girls
Young girls today are bombarded with many unhealthy outside influences: media, music, the Internet, peer pressure, television. The Mother-Daughter Empowerment Workshop is designed for mothers and their daughters ages 8-12. The purpose of the workshop is to provide mothers and daughters with tools, methods, and ideas that will empower young girls to make wise, thoughtful decisions and to help them discover their own unique inner beauty at a very important time in their development. It is designed to open dialogs between mothers and daughters on matters and decisions facing young girls in today’s society. Young ladies may also attend with a grandmother, step-mother, aunt, or other adult.
Topics covered include:

• The difference between being empowered and being disempowered
• Ways to empower oneself
• Intuition
• Popularity
• Peer pressure
• Bullies
• Divorce
• Healthy eating vs. dieting
• Sexuality
• Alcohol and drugs

Take-home Mother-Daughter Empowerment Workbook is included. Empowerment T-Shirts for the girls are available.


*All services that are paid for are non-refundable and courses must be completed within 8 weeks of the first session*