Julianna’s coaching model is a holistic approach to achieving balance and empowering individuals to bring about clarity and success in their lives. The goal-oriented action plan is developed to help you achieve your highest potential in all areas of your life, including career, health, relationships, family, spirituality, and emotional well-being.

What Is The Purpose Of Life Coaching?

• To Achieve Clarity and Focus

• To Identify Your Goals and Motivation to Success

• To Build a Goal-Oriented Action Plan with Accountability

Why Hire A Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a trusted advisor who partners with you for support and guidance on your path toward success. Imagine finding your life partner, achieving your ideal weight, or landing your dream job! These are just a few examples of what life coaching can do for you.

What Can You Expect From Life Coaching?

Life coaching is not about therapy, advice giving, or cheerleading. Life Coaching focuses on you and your goals through comprehensive questioning, visualization, and action plan accountability

How Much Does Life Coaching Cost?

The initial phone consultation is complimentary. The minimum commitment is for four sessions for $400. PLEASE NOTE: It is highly recommended that you have an Intuitive Reading and Consultation with Julianna prior to beginning Life Coaching. This will help you gain clarity into your purpose, identify blocks that may be holding you back, and recognize limiting beliefs held in your subconscious. With the Intuitive Reading and Consultation, you’ll have a head start going into the Life Coaching Program. For further information, visit the Intuitive Reading and Consultation page under Services.

Life Coaching Client Testimonials

Amanda Throughout my journey of self discovery and therapeutic needs, I was so fortunate to meet Julianna. The transformation she is guiding me through has been and continues to be simply amazing! Each of my sessions are so up-lifting. Julianna helped me through difficult situations by introducing meditation, living with intention, and manifesting my dreams. She showed me how to use my intuitive abilities to guide me in the direction I wanted for my life. Since seeing her, I have been able to focus more and can honestly say I am much more emotionally intelligent! I cherish my time with her learning so many different ways of being my most authentic self. Julianna is a powerful, insightful and beautiful person!


Pamela During a series of coaching sessions, Julianna has effectively shone the light on a previous darkened area of my consciousness, providing the insight I needed to make some important life and work decisions. She is skillful in her approach, asking challenging questions to unravel the mystery of the current situation. She peeled away the layers of uncertainty with her intuitive nature, experience and wisdom giving me the confidence I needed to trust the process, and participate in life’s challenges awake, engaged, and in balance. I left our sessions with clarity, peace of mind, and a reignited excitement for the pursuit of my dreams! I highly recommend connecting with Julianna.

     ~Pamela Mulligan, RN, RYT

From a Mother and Daughter Thank you again, Julianna, for all of your wonderful input to Savannah . . . and me for that matter. I love the plan you drew up because we can look back at it and this will help her remember, or more like keep it in the front of her mind. You are amazing and I love what you do, you are perfect for us. I am glad the universe crossed our paths.

     ~Wendy and Savannah

Jules Thanks for getting me back on track. I feel much, much better! You are sooooo wonderful–and that’s why I HAVE TO share you with my friends. You’re like a miracle worker. Even Joe said, “Wow, she’s really something, huh?” Like your podcast says, “Certifiable, but in a good way.” (Cute!)

     ~Jules Schaller

  Leanne Your role reminds me of a guide in a mountain climbing expedition. You forge ahead, knowing the path, and when we, who are faltering or don’t know where to put our foot, hold back and don’t know how to advance, you reach back your hand to grab ours, leading us and gently pulling us to the next step forward. We’ll all eventually make it to the top of the mountain, where you will already be, hands to your hips, saying. “I knew all along you’d make it to where you strived to be.”


*All services that are paid for are non-refundable and courses must be completed within 8 weeks of the first session*