Listen to Julianna on the Fred and Angi Show in Chicago!  She gave the hosts an individual intuitive reading and explained the process.  Click on the Kiss FM Logo to listen!

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Julianna was interviewed on the radio show, Lessons in Joyful Living. She discussed just about everything! Topics include; spirituality, intuition, counseling, coaching, past life regression, manifesting your dreams and more!!


Intuitive Reading and Consultation
Single session: $225
This is a sacred, enlightening experience! When you have an intuitive reading and consultation you will gain clarity into your purpose, identify blocks that may be holding you back, recognize limiting beliefs that are held in your subconscious and feel an overall sense of empowerment and renewal. A copy of your reading (in writing) and a CD of the session (the entire session is recorded to enhance your future growth) are included.

Coaching Program
$400/four sessions
Your intuitive reading opened the door to many opportunities for growth. Now that you have seen your life through fresh eyes, it’s time to continue this process and forge ahead with enthusiasm and intention. Armed with the insights revealed through the intuitive reading and consultation, Julianna works with you to create a life coaching program unique and complimentary to your personal situation and goals. The intuitive reading allows you to get a jump start toward achieving success and happiness in all areas of your life.

Individual Coaching
Julianna offers coaching sessions on an as-needed basis. These coaching sessions are offered at an hourly rate.

Couples/Family Coaching
Julianna offers couples coaching. These counseling sessions are offered at an hourly rate.


*All services that are paid for are non-refundable and courses must be completed within 8 weeks of the first session* 


Client Testimonials

“My reading with Julianna has helped me in so many ways. Allowing her to connect with me made me understand my self, my struggles and fears, and helped me put together a plan of action on how to tackle them. She was effortlessly positive and created a safe place for me to discuss my struggles and aspirations and also assured me that it is never to late to make a change and create a new reality. I love the way she allows you to get to the ‘answer’ on our own by asking the questions that only we know the true answer to.  She helped me listen to my soul, and enabled it to speak its intuitive mind. During my session I felt a great energetic release that I had been carrying for a long time and allowed me to gain new perspective and understanding of my true self. Truly it was one of the most powerful moments of clarity I’ve had in my life. 
After the reading was over I loved that she gave me a copy of her notes to my reading and gave me a tape of the session on mp3. Since our reading I have been able to listen to myself which has allowed my to crystallize my plan of action on how to achieve the reality I want and how to focus my mind in a more positive direction. Thank you Julianna”

“Julianna is a skilled counselor and guide, with communication and facilitation gifts that are deeply centered in the Divine. Working with Julianna to develop personal potential is like finding an honest, intuitive, new best friend who communicates even tough love messages in a positive, loving way. With amazing synergist connection, there is no one better to have alongside when choosing new paths in life, or when the path you are already on needs re-energizing and a fresh perspective!”

Kristie Kilgore
Author and Principal/Director of Environmental Affairs
EnviroIntegration Services, LLC

“STUCK…Stagnant, Trapped, Unknown, Chaos, Karma….We all get stuck.  Finding a way to make sense of it all and create an action plan to build momentum is what Julianna Lyddon’s Intuitive Readings are all about.  If you need help figuring out your own personal puzzle, schedule an appointment with her today!  Her intuitive energy and light will send you into another dimension, a view of yourself from an outside perspective that will get your wheels turning and all cylinders f
iring.  My December reading with Julianna helped me leave 2008-2011 in the past and take massive action on a game plan for 2012!  It’s just plain exciting and she can do it for your life too!

Shawn Bellamak

“Wow, where do I begin? I was given the reading as a gift from my roommate, Amanda, who is close friends with Julianna. I used to make Amanda sit and answer millions upon millions of questions about “what a ‘reading’ is”, “how does it work”, so wait, “she talks to dead people?” All of my pre-conceived notions were wrong and I am sure all of my questions became quite annoying to Amanda but she did her best to explain. The amazing thing was Amanda always ended saying, but “it is so much more than that.” My questions would come to an end but I always repeated in my head, “it is so much more than that.” What did she mean?

During Christmas I flew to Arizona so I could finally discover the answer to the question, “it is so much more.” When the morning had come I was jittery, nervous, and somewhat scared of what she might dig up. Once I met her I felt so at ease. She has a presence that is incomparable.
I won’t bore you with the details of what she uncovered but she did uncover. This experience has brought me closer to understanding the real me. What makes me, me, and why. She knew the questions that have been nagging at me internally for quite some time and followed them up with answers that blew my mind.
She records your session, which I have listened to a million times, and I found myself hearing after everything she said, wow, how do you know that?
Julianna has a gift and this gift has brought me peace, understanding, and a knowing that there is more. There are times in your life when you know they are a game-changer, I knew the minute she first spoke, this was one of them.
Thank you for an incredible experience Julianna. It is something I will hold near and dear to my heart.”
Thank you Mary

“Julianna has done several readings for me and they have all helped me a great deal in the last few years. My first reading was when I was struggling with a lot of issues in my life. I wasn’t happy and couldn’t figure out why. When she did the reading it was amazing! At first I couldn’t process it all, but each day I would re-read it and listen to my CD of the session and things really starting making sense. Throughout the reading, she kept mentioning that I needed to trust myself and rely more on the intuitive thoughts and messages I was getting. She told me they were accurate. I had always had these thoughts in my head, but never voiced them because of my insecurities. It was like a light bulb went on, wow, how did she know that!! I can easily say her readings saved me from becoming a very unhappy person. I’m so grateful to have met her and experienced her readings!”