Julianna offers marriage, family, and child coaching sessions. These coaching sessions for couples, families, teens, and/or children are offered at an hourly rate.

$90/hr. for introductory session
$120/hr. for couples
$125/hr. for families

$400 Package of Coaching (four sessions)

From L.D.

Although my divorce and subsequent moving out with my children were over a year old, issues, hurts and misunderstandings started to appear between the two children as well as between the children, my ex-husband and myself.  I had been in counseling with Julianna for several months when it dawned on me that, perhaps, she could help me with these issues.  I scheduled several individual sessions for my children who finally accept to attend, albeit begrudgingly.  She was able to connect with them on their level, something I cannot always do as their mother.  They began asking to go see her when they felt the need to unburden themselves from difficult emotions.  For me, her intervention and support was a success.

At one point, it became relatively clear that a family session with everyone together was warranted.  It was a very difficult situation to be in, but we did it and, although we didn’t feel resolution or peace immediately afterwards, the fact that she arbitrated many of the misunderstandings between us helped each of us to understand the other ones in the room in a way that we were unable to do on our own.  It has lead to better connections and relationships between us all, and I have Julianna to thank for getting our new family dynamic back on track.


*All services that are paid for are non-refundable and courses must be completed within 8 weeks of the first session*