Are you the most productive “you” you can be in your career? What separates the top-notch, effective executives and employees from the good ones? It’s not necessarily expertise in their line of work, but rather the fundamental life skills they possess. Personal power, creativity, relationship building skills, mindfulness, motivation, and more aren’t taught in schools or even necessarily by parents while growing up.
The Individual Corporate Coaching program focuses on these aspects of life to improve your job productivity and personal growth.
The program is uniquely designed as a partnership piece. Accountability is a critical necessity for executives and employees in the business world. To reinforce accountability in this coaching program, you will be asked to bring your most recent job performance review to the first coaching session. By identifying and highlighting areas where improvement is needed, we develop a synergistic method of holding you accountable for your job performance while continuing to work on your individual growth. This is the framework for developing your own unique, personalized coaching success plan.
The Individual Corporate Coaching program consists of four one-hour sessions scheduled one week apart. For non-local clients, the sessions are conducted via Skype. Your coaching will be tailored to your individual needs and goals, but will include these pathways:
• Emotional Intelligence
• Personal Power and Passion
• Relationship Building Skills
• Mindfulness Training
• Creativity and Motivation
$999 for four one-hour sessions
(fees due in full upon enrollment)
*All services that are paid for are non-refundable and courses must be completed within 8 weeks of the first session* 
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