Specific types of movement can “speak” to each chakra and enhance its quality. If you are aware of trouble with any of the characteristics of the root chakra then certain movements may be a good way to begin opening the root chakra and encourage its light and spinning energy to be embraced. The result is increased groundedness and decreased fear.

For problems in the root chakra, the most effective type of movement is “earthy” movement and music. Examples of this type of movement include drumming, stomping the feet, and large, heavy movement of the legs and arms. African style of dancing is another excellent example.



The physical function of the root chakra is elimination. The anus, a part of the digestion organ system, is one of the body parts responsible for elimination. The root chakra speaks to the ability to “let go,” “go with the flow,” and “achieve balance” by not allowing fear or anxiety to dictate our lives. When regarding the process of the body’s elimination function in the context of the energetic relationship with the root chakra, the parallel emerges. There is a significant connection between the need of “letting go” in order to maintain a healthy digestive system and anus and embracing the concept of “letting go” to enhance our lives. There is a direct correlation, union, and complement between the two. Through the use of metaphor, the mystery of both aspects is unraveled. Creating such metaphorical questions around the function of an organ system gives us the opportunity to hear the language of our physical bodies and allows us to take charge. In this manner we are empowered to contemplate the relationship between the energetic level of who we are with the physical aspect of who we are.


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