Enlighten Candles Arizona

Enlighten Candles Arizona is in full swing after just a few short months.  We are currently available in eleven locations !  We are expanding our product line and our menu of scents, so be sure to visit us often for the latest.  You can visit our complete website at www.enlightencandlesarizona.com and experience the beauty of our hand crafted candles. 

Our appreciation for the beauty and magic of hand crafted candles is the passion that drives us at Enlighten Candles Arizona. We strive to create only superior quality, unique, affordable, eco-friendly candles. We respect and honor the traditions borne of the ancient craft of candle making. This is why we still hand pour our candles and consider each one a work of art.
  Enlighten Candles Arizona
Our logo was created by Sofie Lyddon. The backward E and N represents a mirror image and reflects back on itself, much like the flame does for us as we gaze into it.

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Raising3-3 A Happy Spirit: The Inner Wisdom of Parenting

This book is full of insights about intuition. You will discover its importance and see the uses it has for teaching what is really important in everyone’s life.

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The TIP T-Shirt
(The Intuition Project)

In mens and womens sizes. Black, grey, pink, and burnout brown. For more information contact Julianna directly.

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