Are you in a job or phase of your like that doesn’t feel fulfilling? Are you a new college graduate and uncertain what direction to take next? Do you often wonder what your purpose is in life, but not sure how to discover it or even where to begin? If so, this coaching program is for you.
Whether you are graduating from college and entering the real world or considering a career change, the transition can be stressful and filled with unknowns that leave you unsure and confused about how to make the transition. The Transition Coaching program will arm you with the tools and confidence you need to embark on your new journey with a renewed sense of confidence, purpose, and commitment.
Availability is not limited by location. The program is available one-on-one in person or via Skype worldwide.
• Discovering Life’s Purpose
• Finding Your Passion
• Enhancing Personal Power
• Writing Your Personal Mission Statement
• Prioritizing and Identifying Tangible Goals
• Heightening Mindfulness
• Letting Go of Negative Talk
• Manifesting Dreams
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Julianna Lyddon, MC