Julianna is a dynamic guest speaker on a variety of topics.

Whether she is addressing a small, intimate group

or as keynote speaker at a large convention,

her enthusiasm and passion for helping others

unlock their hidden potential to be all they can be

inspires and motivates her audiences.


 Julianna is a Dynamic Guest Speaker!



Julianna Lyddon, MC is a Certified Life Coach with a master’s degree in marriage, family, and child counseling. She is also an author, clinical hypnotherapist, teacher, and spiritual advisor.


Julianna earned her bachelor degree at the University of Kansas and her master degree at the University of Phoenix. This formal training provided her with the education, background, and skills to work as a

professional counselor, but she knew there were many other ways to help individuals enhance their quality of life. In 2000, with this vision in mind, she founded her company, Connect With Julianna. She

began offering additional services to her clients and branched out into teaching, coaching, facilitating seminars and workshops, and guest speaking.


   Most Requested Topics:

•Mind/Body/Spirit Connection

•Unlocking Your Hidden Potential

Mother-Daughter Empowerment

•Sexual Empowerment

Raising A Happy Spirit: The Inner Wisdom of Parenting

•Intuition Emotions (Processing Emotions)

•Meditation/Quieting the Mind

The Chakra System

•Unconditional Love


Julianna is a Dynamic Guest Speaker!