Do you need a plan of action to accomplish the things in life that you have only dreamt about?  Create an Imagination Plan of Action!

This is where you set two or three BIG GOALS you want to achieve in your lifetime . . . it can be anything at all! Write each goal on a separate piece of paper and under each goal create smaller “stepping stone” goals on the path to achieving your BIG GOAL. Here’s an example:


I want to be more outgoing.


1. Practice sharing my feelings and opinions when they arise. Don’t hold back when I have the opportunity to express myself.

2. Put myself in more group situations where I have a chance to interact with new people.

3. Take a class (perhaps Toastmasters) that encourages self expression or speaking opportunities.

Setting up a plan of action in writing is like making a contract with yourself. This makes it easy to hold yourself accountable for your progress. Refer to your goals every day to remind yourself what you must do to bring your goals into reality.

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Julianna Lyddon

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