In Suzanne’s Own Words

I am divorced and I have two children which I share custody of with their father.  I am always sad when I drop them off at their dad’s house Sunday evenings. But a few weeks ago I felt extremely sad. The next morning driving to work I again had an overwhelming feeling of sadness, and a knot in my stomach. I immediately would think of the kids wondering if they were OK. I did check in with kids and they said they were fine.  It happened again the next morning driving to work and I actually started to cry.  That evening my daughter called stating that she had something to tell me but to please not get mad. She had  gone to a party the weekend before, she was drinking alcohol, tried smoking marijuana and had sex with a boy! I believe my intuition was telling me something was wrong those days before she told me. I used my intuition during my divorce also it was always right on!!! I just need to remember to trust in it and not second guess myself!!!

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