In Susan’s Own Words

My intuition made all the difference! Previously we had been sued by the same lawyer 3 times. Each time he and his clients had lied, under oath, in court and as a result we lost each time. The financial losses were devastating. Suddenly, 3 years later, the lawyer found another former employee and agreed to represent them at no cost if he would sue us! For a year I was unable to sleep, constantly worried about how we would pay lawyers AND the money if we lost again! As I traveled to Boston alone on the plane, because my husband has Alzheimer’s and could not travel, I was struggling with what I would say. Would I have to lie like they were doing in order to preserve the little bit we had left. I was sick from the worry! I simply could not afford to lose money we did not have! As I sat at the table in the courtroom with my attorney and once again listened to the same lawyer and his client lie….I heard a voice say to me…SUSAN ROSE, TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT!  It was my dear Mama, who had passed many years ago, she was quoting her favorite saying to me that she had used while I was growing up. At that moment I froze! I knew I could not lie. My intuition was giving me a very important piece of advice that I could not deny! I believe that because I listened to my intuition, the jury decided in my favor!! Later, when my attorney met with the jury and asked them what made them decide in my favor…they said “Ms. Balckstead was so credible, we knew she was truthful and the other people were not. I will forever be grateful for that little voice, known as my intuition.”

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