In Mary S’s Own Words

What a great project. I feel like we all have that voice inside us that is pushing us to do the right thing but sometimes it is hard to hear it. After graduating college I took that very dreaded “first job.” It was everything the first job should entail. A crazy boss, coffee runs, and “busy” work. I knew I needed to leave but something told me to hold on, there was a better plan coming. After I couldn’t take it anymore I left for an internship. I was so upset and really felt like I was failing but I pushed on because that voice kept telling me, hold on a little bit longer. After a Saturday night birthday dinner my boyfriend called me and said I found you a job and you will love it. I was becoming quite comfortable in my internship and kind of rolled my eyes at him but I went to the interview anyway. It was a start up company and I would be their first employee. I think I wanted to run for the door. Would my checks come on time? Was this legit? A start up? It was in fashion blogging and that was what I loved but I had serious doubts. It was a HUGE leap of faith that I took the job but that voice kept telling me THIS is it. DO it. I have now been with the company for a year and we have over 15 employees. Needless to say it has been an amazing experience with many lessons along the way. I thank that voice for guiding me through my emotions and ultimately helping me make a clear decision. I really do feel this is the path I am suppose to be on and am learning lessons that will help me reach the bigger picture.

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