In Mary C’s Own Words

In 2007 after a major bout with depression, my “intuition” said MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! I had only 2 years before, settled into my dream home in Washington, DC, completely renovated it to my exact heart’s desire and then wham! MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!! Would not go away.

Now, this followed a horrible 8 year period where I lost my entire family and best friend (another major story) and because of this in my late 50s, I found myself totally alone, broke, sick (I have pulmonary fibrosis) and hopeless. Miserable would be on a happy day!

But, MOVE…kept coming into my mind. Finally, I sat down and started to journal about how I might design a new life in the face of these unspeakable tragedies and visualized walking near the ocean, sun shining each day, small apartment with no housing worries, work from home options, near lung transplant hospitals, and the view began to take shape. Six weeks later, I had sold everything I owned and moved across country to Laguna Niguel, California where the sun shines with beautiful weather almost 330 days a year and am six miles to the beach, between Los Angeles and San Diego.

Then, God sent my new life’s work, the Viktor Frankl Movie project. One year after moving to SoCal, I met Alexander Vesely, Dr. Frankl’s grandson, we decided to work together to bring this movie to the world and here we are…The Frankl work has brought me back to life and helped me to uncover new meaning.

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