In Mary L’s Own Words

Message: Two year olds ask, “Why?” when they are trying to figure out their reason for being on Planet Earth! Their ability to ask the question probably helps build their Intuition Muscle.

We all know that there is no muscle in the human body related to the feeling of intuition. But we have the ability to receive clues about actions we might take or avoid taking that will save us or change us. Sometimes it is coincidence that strengthens intuitive ability. I know this because coincidence is how I met Julianna!

One day while driving home after work I followed a vehicle with a sign on the back window that said “Julianna Lyddon, Intuitive Counseling.” A phone number was there too. I studied it, thought it was important, tried to remember both name and phone number but when I got home all I could recall was “J, L, intuitive, 480.”

I typed my memory into Google and got nothing. So I made a sandwich and was eating it when my phone rang.

“Hi Mary this is Mary C. and although we haven’t talked in awhile I need some advice.”

Mary C. asked me a question that I couldn’t help with but I said, “I want to know who else can help you.”

“She said, “Well, Julianna Lyddon….”

 I said, “You are kidding! I think I just followed her car and I’ve been trying to remember her name and phone number!” Mary C. gave me Julianna’s phone number. I called her, told her the story and made an appointment.

My life has changed in so many good ways since I met Julianna after following her car, following some mystery, following my heart in asking the right questions! I believe it was intuition that caused me to ask Mary C. who else was helping her.

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