In Leanne’s Own Words

Do we really know what it is called when we are only fourteen years old? Do we know the definition of the word in junior high school or even college? Or does the Universe speak to us even then, without us being aware of this miracle of intuition?

When I was in eighth grade, my junior high school had an exploratory foreign language program. Split into trimesters, each student had to take 3 months each of Spanish, German and French before deciding on a language to study in high school. Later in life I would learn that I was going to be an ace at learning foreign languages, but at the time, I was amazed at my straight A’s in both the Spanish and German sections. With that track record, why would I expect anything less in French class?

My grades in the French section were high B’s and low A’s. I was frustrated and angry at the teacher. Wasn’t I the best student in the class? How dare she grade me that way! I decided that very minute that I was going to take French as my language in high school and that I was going to prove to her that I could be as strong a French speaker as I was a Spanish and German speaker. The fighter in me was stepping up to the plate.

As I progressed through my years of French 1, 2 and 3, it became evident that I was a gifted foreign language learner. Interestingly enough, my European heritage was Italian and German, but I was a pro at learning French. I won the outstanding senior French student the year I graduated from high school and went on to major in French in college. I have only ever worked for French companies my whole life, lived a total of 4 years in France and even became a naturalized French citizen.
But where is the intuition in all of this? Incredibly, when I was in eleventh grade, I proclaimed to the entire class that I was going to marry a Frenchman and live in France. How ridiculous did that sound from a girl in a rural farm high school class of 379 students?  I was exceptionally granted permission to participate in the senior class trip to France as a junior because I had the overwhelming desire to see France and its people.  When I arrived for the first time in France, I felt very comfortable even when I couldn’t completely understand the language.  During college, I went for one semester as an exchange student and grew in maturity and openness. The day after graduation, I started work for a French company located within a few miles of my parents’ home in rural Pennsylvania. It was at this company that I met my future husband: a Frenchman who eventually brought me to France to live. The intuitive feeling I had about the role of France and French in my life had come full circle. Today, I speak French like a native (I am told) and I have taken the French nationality. My children are both dual nationals.

But, the most intriguing thing of all is the recent past regression work I have done as I grew spiritually over the last few years. During this process I learned that, amazingly enough, all of my former lives were lived in France, that I am a European soul who seeks but one thing:  to return to Europe. So, that little girl of fourteen who was frustrated at not being perfect in her French class in junior high learned the reason for her frustration decades later: because it was only natural for the French soul inside of her to express itself years before she would understand the meaning of it all.

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