In Kathryn’s Own Words

To produce, to compose, to recall one’s own story of an ‘intuition’ siting has been challenging for me. Then in the wee hours of the morning a thought came to me, and I feel that by sharing this story will add to TIP, The Intuition Project.

Now imagine Marilyn Monroe writing and sending an email to Julianna Lyddon for her project, recounting her own personal intuition story. This is a true story.

Marilyn Monroe, 1945

I was living in Los Angeles. It was 1981. A friend of mine, Barry L. Shifman was in the Border Bookstore in Westwood, California. He was observing a man who was looking at a book. The book was the extraordinary biography of Marilyn, by Norman Mailer. The two gentlemen struck up a conversation. My friend Barry was speaking with David Conover. The photographer who was credited with discovering Marilyn Monroe while taking photos for Yank Magazine. David had expressed a need to find someone in Los Angeles to help him with his research. The publisher Grosset & Dunlap had agreed to publish his book about Marilyn. Barry Shifman put me in contact with David Conover, and for the next year I did research for David.
David only called me twice, but in one of those conversations he shared something with me about Marilyn.  He had received a phone call from Marilyn two weeks prior to her death.  She had made the phone call from a phone booth in Malibu, California.  David conveyed that she was very concerned and frightened, and felt that something was going on, and that if something should happen to her that she wanted David to be aware of what she was sensing.

Was this Marilyn’s ‘intuition?’ Let Marilyn’s story be a reminder to listen to, to trust, and to act on ‘your intuition.’

Our ‘intuition’ is a ‘gift’ and needs to be accepted.

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