In Judy’s Own Words

OMG, I could talk about the subject of intuition all day!

My mom saved herself from death and injury several times by extreme intuition, in the form of placing her foot on the brake in one instance and refusing to go on a date in another. She would’ve been in a serious car accident — truck ran a red light — and would’ve been killed in the other. She fought her intuition all of her life, kept trying to apply logic or get an explanation.

I, on the other hand, always listened to mine, figuring that wherever it came from, “it” knew more than I did, could see more than I could, etc. Most times I know why my little voice tells me something but not always. Sometimes quickly, sometimes not. I just do what it says, though, and figure out the whys later. On 9/11, for example, I was living/working in New York City. I left my apartment for work about 8:30, got down to the lobby of my building and my little voice told me to go back upstairs. I did. I said to myself that I wouldn’t turn on the TV but would just update our website quietly and then go to work. My little voice said turn on the TV. I did. Not 60 seconds later, the local news anchor, Jane Hansen, burst in on the Today Show with the news that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. And you know what happened after that. I was riveted to the TV, saw the 2nd plane hit, etc. I was a journalist with a design/construction trade magazine and as all of the phone lines and cell phone lines were down, I communicated via e-mail and instant message all day, got my story that I needed by mid-evening, an interview with someone in our industry who was in the towers when the planes hit. I would’ve missed seeing it all first-hand, I would’ve been in a mess at work, whereas I had everything I needed at home and got everything done. A very, very scary day for all of us who lived in New York (and D.C. and PA). That’s one of HUNDREDS of examples that I’ve lived through. I don’t question it — if I hear my little voice telling me to do something, I nearly always do it without hesitation.

Intuition, thank you!

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