In Denise’s Own Words

This is a story on myself and my master gardener. I have always loved gardening and needed real help with the things I wanted to do in our yard. A friend of mine had suggested Octivio-which I now have the pleasure of working with (actually he does all the work now). Years ago Octivio ended up getting Valley Fever. Quite a bad case-which he has his good days and bad. This past spring he would come to my house everyday -in one way or the other complain about how bad he was feeling. I was very concerned about him and his health. We would visit outside everyday – always after he left I would see a cardinal in my front yard. It was not unusual to see cardinals in my yard as I love birds and have many feeders. Octivio came one day ,we were visiting outside and the cardinal came and visited us -Octivio was surprised and told me how his deceased mother loved cardinals. As a young man-he would watch his mother feed them-even one cardinal out of her hands. He went home that night and the next day told me-how he was sorry about complaining to me about not feeling good all the time. He felt his Mother’s spirit when he saw the cardinal. As spring going into summer work in the yard-we now have three set of cardinal families which we both of loved watching. As I travel quite a bit I see many different types of cardinals always were ever I go. This has been a great bond between us-and Octivio is feeling so much better. Thanks for letting me share Julianna.