Throughout my life I have had a sense of an “inner knowing”.  I believe that I was aware of it when I was young but very rarely paid attention to it because it wasn’t something that was spoken about.

 As I grew older little things happened where I became more aware of having “feelings” or “inklings”.  When I was in my 20’s and 30’s it became more apparent.  One particular time was when I “sensed” that our glass stove was going to “explode” and I told my sister-in-law, who was sitting next to it, that I needed to turn it down because it might blow up and thirty seconds later it did.  Thank goodness she moved away because the hot glass flew all over.

Of course, like many people, I normally know who is calling before the phone “announces it.”  Or I will be thinking of someone and they will call. Occasionally I will be thinking of someone and I’m out shopping and I happen to “run” into them.

Other times, it’s like a getting a “nudge”.  One day I was waiting at a stop light and it turned green.  I was going to start off but something told me to look left and that is when I saw a car come speeding through the red light.  If I had started off I would have been in its path.

I’ve also used my intuition to determine where I should go, like which store to go to.  Very often the one that I go to is where I meet someone who has a “message” for me or I find something that I needed that I wouldn’t have found at another store.  I also follow my intuition with many other things in my life, for instance, what books I should be reading that will be most appropriate for my interests at that time. 

There is one particular situation where I did listen to my intuition and it paid off.  My husband and I were looking for a second home in the mountains.  We had spent many weekends looking in the town where we wanted to purchase one. This particular week he had traveled with me to a seminar in California.  We didn’t return until early Saturday morn because our flight had been delayed.  That afternoon we were to attend a college football game.  I told my husband that I felt it was important that we go to the mountains that night after the game even though it was over a three hour drive.  I told him that we could call the realtor and tell her we wanted to look at houses the next day.  He thought I was crazy since we had already had a full week but he agreed and I called her.  She indicated to me that a house I had pointed to on one of our previous visits was now on the market.  I didn’t remember what she was talking about until the next day. That day we looked at a couple of houses and then she took us to “the” house.  That is when I remembered what I had told her on a previous weekend.  That weekend we had been looking at houses and we drove by this house when I laughingly said, “If this house ever goes up for sale let us know.”  It was a house that I knew was not in our price range, so I was just joking around.  Well, maybe this is about intuition and manifesting, because when we walked into the house, we knew that it was the “perfect” house and surprise, surprise, it was listed at the “perfect” price.  We purchased it and still own it to this day.

I know that we all have the capabilities to get the “answers” from our intuition but very often we are just too busy to “listen.”  There have been times that I haven’t paid attention and things haven’t gone like I wished they had.  I’m becoming more and more aware of my “inner knowing”, my unique wisdom.  I know that the answers are there, I just need to remember to take the time to sit quietly and truly listen to that incredible gift called “intuition.”