In Amanda’s Own Words

Following and understanding the importance of my intuition has been an incredible journey. Had you asked me a year ago what I knew about the process of recognizing my intuition I would have responded with confusion and probably a little frustration. I absolutely knew its significance but wasn’t sure how to incorporate it into making positive changes in my life. Right after graduating college, I was overwhelmed listening to everyone’s opinions and suggestions as to what I should do with my career path, personal relationships, etc.  And even though the constant chatter made me anxious, I fell into a confortable pattern of relying on other people to feel fulfilled and comfortable in my own life. I had an incredible amount of self-doubt and couldn’t understand how to build myself back up again. After a year of mediocrity in all aspects of my life, I realized that in order for things to be different I had to make changes. I started moving towards people and situations that made me happy.  I met new friends, started pursuing new career options, applied to a masters program for an area of study I always had a passion for; all of which made me nervous but I couldn’t deny the thrill of actually feeling like I was fulfilling aspects of myself that I had quieted for so long. I focused on working towards goals without overanalyzing each step and wondering about the “what if.” I stopped being so hard on myself and came to an understanding that I needed to limit the amount of outside opinions and trust myself to make important decisions. Once I started putting these beliefs into action, the results were life changing. I was accepted into a masters program which has turned out to be the most unbelievable experience, my personal relationships have flourished, and I finally feel comfortable in my own skin.  While I certainly have so much more room to grow and learn, I can’t help but reflect on the monumental changes that have happened in such a short period of time after deciding to follow my intuition. Doing so led me to discover my purpose and embrace my surroundings to bring out the best version of myself.

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