Are you feeling blocked in your personal or business life?  Have you lost your enthusiasm and motivation? Have you lost your sense of imagination and creativity?

In Julianna Lyddon’s workbook, Tapping Into Your Imagination, Julianna uses techniques and exercises to help you to “tap into your imagination.”

Here are a few steps to take as you begin your new year to help you to clear the blocks for healing and moving forward:

Clear the Blocks for Healing

Creating a clear channel is part of this work.  This means having an awareness of what may be holding you back from attracting what you truly want in your life.  

Ask yourself:  “Why do I want this desire?  How will it change my life? What has prevented me from seeing it through to fruition?” 

Be detailed and specific in your answers — the bigger the better!  

List your desires so that you can refer back to them as needed.

Create a Symbol for Healing

 Think of an object or symbol that represents healing for you. This may be the symbol of a cross, the sun, a religious figure, the face of someone you love . . . . there is no right or wrong answer. Bring this picture into your imagination and hold it there. Picture every detail of your healing symbol: its color, size, shape, material, construction. The more detailed your symbol, the better!


Create a Symbol for the Blocks

Now, bring into your imagination a symbol for a block that could be holding you back known as your suffering. You may have to reflect about what the block is.

For example, do you find you continue any patterns of behavior over and over again? Are you held back by a lack of confidence? Do you find you try to please everyone but yourself?

This may require some self introspection on your part, but be as authentic as possible. The symbol for your block may be a monster, a black blob, a little devil, a “Do Not Enter” sign . . . whatever feels right. As with your healing symbol, imagine your block symbol in as much detail as possible.



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