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Have you ever had an intuitive thought? Maybe you knew something before it happened or felt a surge through your body that was warning you of danger. Those are examples of your intuitive abilities. The fact is, we are all intuitive. Intuitive ability gets even more specific with subcategories such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience. Whether you choose to develop your intuitive talents or not they exist because our DNA is prewired with these gifts. In recent years, an “awakening” has been occurring with many people recognizing the incredible gifts we possess! So if you feel stirring within you, you’re not alone! There is a shift happening with many people on many levels!!!

I often hear my clients say, “Julianna, you tell me we all have the gift of intuitive connection. Well, how can I learn how to use mine?” This Connect With Julianna program teaches you how to develop your intuitive ability with a skilled, experienced guide to get you there! The program consists of six one-hour sessions. The course includes homework assignments, specific methods and techniques, lots of practice, support materials, and more. The sessions may be done in person or via Skype.

Sessions that will be covered are:
Discovering the Intuitive Within
Clear the Blocks and Ground for Intuitive Connection
Using Your Intuitive Gifts to Connect With Spirit
Meet Your Spirit Guides
Manifesting Your Dreams
Practicing Intuitive Readings

For pricing and additional information click here or contact Julianna directly at connectwithjulianna@gmail.com.

Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Sharpening your child’s imagination

There are several intuitive pathways of parenting and I would like to share one of them here.  These pathways are tools that encourage spiritual growth.  One tool is Imagination. Imagination is part of the creative life force energy that moves through each and every one of us. Every person on this planet has creative ability. Ask yourself what you most like to do and chances are your answer will involve using creative energy. Parenthood offers great opportunities to engage in these kinds of activities with children.

When we are involved in a creative endeavor, time seems to stand still. We get lost in our creative bliss and when we come out of the activity, we are surprised at how long we were engaged in the project. This is an example of living in the present moment. Imagination keeps us in the here and now, celebrating thoughts, ideas, pictures and symbols.

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Two Ways of Love

Within the expansion of spiritual awareness comes the concept of love. There are two ways of loving: one is with conditions (which is the way most people show love) and one is without any conditions at all.

Conditional love is based on control. It is when your behavior shows, “I will love you  only if…” but you don’t actually say it to your child. Examples of this are when your child does something that you don’t like that limits your ability to love purely, or, when you have an idea of something your child should be, but is not, and you hold back love. This happens all the time, and most people aren’t even aware that they are doing it. We like to think that we strive to give unconditional love.

“To love unconditionally, we love with no strings attached.” Click To Tweet

Loving unconditionally  is the process of allowing children to be who they are and loving exactly what you see in them. It has nothing to do with control and everything to do with freedom. It is the ability to celebrate your child in their uniqueness.

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An example of spiritual living

When parenting you need to have rules and consequences for behavior, but sometimes what goes missing within the family dynamic is a depth of spiritual significance. This does not mean that you must be a church member or identify with a certain religion. It does mean that you get in touch with your spiritual self. When you use your creativity, humor and imagination to solve family problems, you are using the gifts of your spirit for the greater good. When you give yourself the space to be who you are, you will be able to grant your child the same kind of space in which to grow and allow them to learn about their own spirit.

Spirituality means searching for your truth, recognizing that people are different in their own unique ways, celebrating your gifts and learning to share them with the world for connection and healing. There is far more depth to your life than your everyday routine. Know when you are stuck. Have the courage and the inspiration to dig deep into your soul to know how to change for the better.

It is intuitive wisdom that tells us we can do anything our heart desires. Click To Tweet

If you pay attention to this intuitive voice, you will model this behavior for your children. Later, they will model this for their own children.

Raising children involves teaching them to search for their purpose and to learn to create their own happiness, to listen to their heart and feel the confidence to follow it no matter what others think. Parents must expect children to ultimately answer to themselves and not feel the need to impress others or seek unnecessary approval. The way to do this is to use your intuition. This is an example of spiritual living.

Intuition is one of our greatest assets as human beings. We are all born with intuitive wisdom, but we don’t always pay attention to this inner voice. As parents, we may not have been socialized to embrace our own intuition, so we don’t encourage our children to listen to theirs.  When parents give themselves permission to expand this level of awareness, it enriches their lives and overflows into the lives of their children.

This is an excerpt from the ebook, Raising a Happy Spirit: The Inner Wisdom of Parenting.  To order the complete copy, click here.

Julianna Lyddon

Connect With Julianna

We are energy that never dies

All night I was filled with the most restless energy that was like nothing else I had ever experienced. My mind fixed with thoughts of her and my spirit joining hers as I lay awake in my bed. I knew her time was close and I honored her and shared a piece of my heart in my own quiet way. This morning she passed. My heart is very heavy as I say goodbye to a queen of a woman. My mother-in-law, Margaret Lyddon, was indeed a gem. Thanks to my sister-in-law for arranging a trip for her to come visit us a few months ago because it was perfectly magical. I had her alone for several days and I knew that was no accident. What a legacy she has left.

In my busy, hectic, schedule, I have found how easy it is to forget the fragility of life. The veil between life and death is so thin. In my intuitive practice, working with the spirit world and thousands of individuals, I have learned that there are many things that go into the souls journey here and even in the final days, the work is still evolving. The way we die, who we die with or without, the length, timing and disease, are all interwoven into the tapestry of our lives and the souls blueprint for growth. The dying process is even more about our loved ones than many may know. Timing is everything. We are bound to our family and those we hold most dear by an energetic tether that tugs at the core of our being. We are energy and it never dies, it simply transforms.

Here’s to you Gigi and just like we discussed, I’m listening, when you’re ready:)

Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

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Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

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Have you stopped by lately for a visit to our website?  Connect with Julianna has a variety of services and resources to assist you in the new year.  Here are a few that you should check out.

Did you know that Julianna Lyddon, MC is a Certified Life Coach with a master’s degree in marriage, family and child counseling?  She is also an author, clinical hypnotherapist, teacher, and spiritual advisor.



She offers the following services:

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She has created 3 digital magazines that are available on her website as well as on ISSUU and Discover the Region Publications.

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Connecting to Give Back



Hi its Julianna Lyddon and I am so excited to share this page of my website with you, Giving Back.



Because it is one of my favorite parts of this site. I have met so many amazing people on my journey. I wanted to find a way to continue to showcase their work. And one of the things that I have also found is that we all want to make a difference. We all want to find a way to give back. But sometimes we don’t know where to begin. So I have included some of my favorites, and I want to hear from you.

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Self doubt…does it sabotage you?


Connect with Julianna

Julianna Lyddon here and I want to talk about something that can be so irritating for so many of us. That is self-doubt. I call it The Saboteur. And boy does it pop its ugly head up just when we don’t want it to. I mean think about it like this. The last time that maybe you had an idea that you wanted to do something, maybe it was personally or in business, or whatever it was. Say it was a little bit out there. Just as you started thinking wow you know I really have something here. I could really do this, this could really be productive for me. Or I think that people would really understand this. Just as you finish that thought, BAMMM! comes that negative self-talk, comes that saboteur that creeps in as if to tell you, are you crazy?

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A few creative tips for STANDING IN YOUR PERSONAL POWER!


Connect with Julianna


Its Julianna Lyddon here and today I want to talk about personal power. One of the things I see a lot in my practice is that people have trouble standing in their power, in their light. Often we stand beside it or even behind it. And it can be hard sometimes because there is no perfection in the human condition. We all have good days and bad days.   But sometimes we need a few extra tips to help us through some of the obstacles we face in our life.

So with relationship to personal power, one of the things that I think we need to identify first is what makes us special. What makes you unique. How do you stand apart from everybody else in the world. So whether this is related to opening your own business or you just want to be happier in your life.

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