Four First Date No No’s

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In my coaching practice, I help many people navigate the dating world. It is a different game then it used to be. There are so many different ways to meet people with all of this online dating.  We really need to be cognizant of a few things. There are so many mistakes that people make that can be avoided.  So lets get to it.

  1.  When you are on a date be sure that you are not spending the entire time discussing all of the devastating,  disastrous dates you have had in the past. You would be surprised how many people do this and especially if you are talking about online dating and then they start sharing all of these horrific experiences and the other person says I don’t think I want to hear this, what is wrong with you. So be careful about doing that.
  2. Be careful about comparing the person you are on a date with to somebody else.  Often we come out of a relationship and we are so unhappy because maybe the individual broke up with us and we love them so much….that we cant stop thinking about them so everybody new we are with we are comparing and holding an opinion or a judgement. So go into that first date thinking that you are just going to have fun. You are going to live in the moment you are not going to spend too much time about what is going to happen in the future.  You are just going to have fun.  So you cant hold any preconceived notions here.
  3. I want you to be very very careful about talking about yourself too much…..


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Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Connect with Julianna

Sleeping in separate beds….is it good for your relationship?


As couples, should we sleep in separate bedrooms?  

Okay here’s the thing, almost 26% of us say that they do sleep in separate bedrooms.  And there are a myriad of reasons for this.  Some of us have restless leg syndrome, some of our partners snore, some have sleep apnea and have that apparatus to help them sleep.  Some have a hard time getting to sleep and are getting up and down a lot.  Some have different work schedules.  The 26%, those that said that they do sleep in separate bedrooms don’t like to talk about it, they are embarrassed about it and feel judged. And people feel that if you are sleeping in separate bedrooms, their marriage must really be on the rocks.  Well I am here to tell you that those I have spoken with, who have made the decision to sleep in separate bedrooms are so much happier.  Here’s the key, the quality of life issue is what we are dealing with here.  If you cannot get a restful night of sleep and its happening to you more than a couple of times a week, its going to affect you on many facets of your life. 

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Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Sleeping in separate it good for your relationship?


The World of Relationships

The World of Relationships

The world of relationships

through my lens

has been awe inspiring.

The stories I hear, the amazing people I meet, the pain I witness, the triumphs I get to admire and the healing I help assist with have all contributed to my life in a beautiful way.

I see a lot of women, all ages. I listen to story after story and they all have similar roots. It sometimes feels like a revolving door.

I often say…”I just heard this same scenario with the last woman”. These stories and issues are all about dating and finding love.

We all want and need to be loved. It’s part of the human condition. It scares us to death to think of spending our whole life alone.

The view through my lens is this……

We live in a time where we have conditioned ourselves to put sex before the emotional connection. Women and even our teens are accustomed to this behavior. This post is not about judging when we have sex with someone, but it is about learning to stand in our sexual power! This is a real issue that has gotten to epidemic proportions and is truly affecting women of all ages, but predominately our youth.

My advice…TALK, TALK and TALK more about sex with your kids. Click To Tweet

I hear stories from many women, but the ones that concern me the most are the ones from the teenagers. They have such a NEED to be loved and accepted and fit in. Young girls are having sex in very casual settings and frequently because it’s what has become expected. They believe this is what they “should” do to get a boy to like them. The worst part is how they feel afterwards. They talk about feeling used and disconnected from themselves and the boy. Often there is little to no conversation, making it even more awkward. When asked about details of the experience, they often say they didn’t even like it, but know that the boy did.

Somewhere along the way the message is not getting through, the conversations are not happening or maybe we just don’t know how to begin to talk about such a vulnerable, sensitive subject. Imagine a young woman who grows up giving herself away to one boy after another and each time feeling horrible about herself because she thinks this is what love is. She believes that sex and love are the same. She lives in silence feeling shameful and worthless at times. Nobody talked to her about how sex and love are different and what it means to emotionally connect with someone on a deep level. Nobody ever told her that sex truly is beautiful and to honor her sexuality as a gift. She grows up believing that sex is about the act and the orgasm and that if the boy shows he’s sexually attractive to her, then she is beautiful. Now imagine you as an adult woman and you are still entangled in this same maze. You begin to wonder what is wrong with you and often feel depressed and left thinking…”why do I feel unloveable?” Nothing is wrong with this woman except that she was never told about how to integrate the sexual piece of herself into her identity. It’s conveniently left out of the family conversations. We shy away from it and say things like…”keep your legs closed” or don’t act like a slut” or even another extreme, we push our girls to have a boyfriend because we, as mothers, want them to be popular. I could write forever on this subject.

There is so much work to be done here and it’s all about self worth. We are sexual beings and when we are not educated about this beautiful part of ourselves (boys included), we come through life wounded in a very deep way.


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Connect with Julianna’s Valentine Special!

Connect with Julianna's Valentine Special!

Connect with Julianna’s Valentine Special!

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Julianna earned her bachelor degree at the University of Kansas and her master degree at the University of Phoenix. This formal training provided her with the education, background, and skills to work as a professional counselor, but she knew there were many other ways to help individuals enhance their quality of life. In 2000, with this vision in mind, she founded her company, Connect With Julianna. She began offering additional services to her clients and branched out into teaching, coaching, facilitating seminars and workshops, and guest speaking. A wider audience was reached with the debut of her weekly radio program.

As technology advances, new opportunities open up that allow Julianna to reach more and more people every day. For example, Skype cleared the path for Julianna to have face to face contact with clients without the need to travel and the expanding social media world has made it possible for thousands to benefit from daily inspirations and messages. Connect With Julianna continues to evolve and grow, but through it all Julianna’s mission has remained steadfast. She is passionately devoted to educating her clients, guiding them on their unique paths to unlock their hidden potential, and raising their level of consciousness.

And in the month of February, she is offering her clients this awesome Valentine special:

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They must be paid for upfront in the month of February.

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Connect with Julianna



Happy Holidays with Julianna!


Happy Holidays with Julianna!

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Julianna guides her clients on their unique paths, and unlocks their hidden potential. Click To Tweet



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 About Julianna:

Julianna Lyddon, MC is a Certified Life Coach with a master’s degree in marriage, family, and child counseling. She is also an author, clinical hypnotherapist, teacher, and spiritual advisor.  Read more about Julianna by clicking here.


Connect with Julianna

Until You’ve Walked a Mile in Their Shoes

Until You've Walked a Mile in Their Shoes


Until You’ve Walked a Mile in Their Shoes…

I have mentioned that I am going to occasionally post many of my personal lessons, epiphanies and learning as I move along my journey in life as a guide and coach on so many levels.

Extra-marital affairs:

I deal with couples all the time and do a great deal of work with them surrounding affairs. I have learned so much with regard to this subject matter and much of it may not be understood or even agreed with, but has helped to shape my belief and the way I support and guide couples through this complex issue.

There are so many reasons people have affairs and I am not going into all of that in this post. The most important piece I want to share is more about the “judgement” of the affair. This especially pertains to those on the outside looking into the marriage. The adage about “walking in someone else’s shoes” is so true here. I know we all have triggers and trauma and scars related to affairs and I know it has colored our beliefs in many profound ways. I get that! It’s a really complicated, sensitive subject and one that must be dealt with in a strong, but graceful way.

The biggest learning I have gleaned from all my work around this subject is more about those women that decide to stay after the affair, even though they have been hurt and almost broken. I have witnessed so many women who make the decision to stay, to work on themselves by going within in order to salvage what may be left in their marriage. In our society, I rarely hear a voice for these amazingly strong women. What I do hear is criticism, judgement and a roll of the eyes….”why would she stay…she needs to leave…she is so weak….why does she put up with that!”

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Spiritual Sex

What is Spiritual Sex?  


Spiritual Sex

Spirituality means that we look at our purpose, and our authentic self. Click To Tweet


In this video Julianna Lyddon talks about spiritual sex and then offers up a great tip to enhance a couple’s lovemaking!

She begins the video by asking a simple question: What is spiritual sex? She says that some of us have heard of “tantric” sex or “sacred” sex, and that all three stem from the same place.

First Julianna has us look at the word “spirituality”.  For purposed of this video, she explains, the word “spirituality” is not a religion, or a place of worship or even a philosophy.  In this sense, the word “spirituality” is more about going below the surface of who we are and deepening the human experience. It means that we look at our purpose, and our authentic self. 

So if you take that concept of spirituality and relate it to sex, then what we have is going to be the deepening of our sexual experience.

But how is it that we achieve this?  What do we need to do?  Julianna tells us exactly how it can be done in the video below.



Spiritual Sex

The Pelvic Chakra

The pelvic chakra activates all our senses.


In a metaphorical way, consider the pelvic chakra as the place of creativity and reproduction. Click To Tweet


It is here where we discover what being human is all about. This is the energy center where we connect to our feelings and learn about expressing and connecting with them, as well as all the sensations that affect the five senses. The pelvic chakra can be amazingly powerful for some individuals . . . it’s like being a kid in a candy store!

The pelvic chakra houses all our desires and cravings including such things as comfort, pleasure, romance, style, sensuality, sexual energy, and creativity. Our creative juices flow from this energy center. It is located in the reproductive part of the human body. The creative energy resonating from the pelvic chakra is responsible for creating life. In a metaphorical way, consider the pelvic chakra as the place of creativity and reproduction.

Because the pelvic chakra holds creative energy that stimulates our desires, it can be out of control in some people. Desires, passions, pleasures, and wishes may get lost in this space. Addictions can occur when an individual gets stuck in the energy of cravings or lust. The pelvic chakra encourages us to play in these delicious aspects of our lives, but the goal is to keep it in balance to achieve a more enlightened sense of being.

Read more about chakras in Julianna’s book, Connect with what Lies Beneath by clicking here or by visiting her website at:

The Pelvic Chakra


Communication Guidelines!



Communication Guidelines!


Good communication is crucial to healthy sexual relating. You can greatly increase feelings of mutual respect, emotional closeness, and sexual pleasure when you and your partner communicate well with each other. Knowing how to talk openly and comfortably helps you solve sexual problems that come up from time to time in the normal course of an on-going intimate relationship.

Good communication is crucial to healthy sexual relating. Click To Tweet

Be patient with yourself and your partner as you work to develop new communication skills. It takes time and a lot of practice to open up emotionally and discuss personal topics in safe and sensitive ways.

Following, you will find five of the Communication Guidelines for effective partner communication. You can read the rest by clicking here or visiting her website,

1. Both partners need to make a commitment to engage in a discussion about intimate concerns.
2. Choose a quiet time for discussion when you are not likely to be interrupted. Give your undivided attention to being with your partner.
3. Sit reasonably close to each other and maintain eye contact. Be aware of the tone and volume of your voice.
4. Avoid blaming, name-calling, accusations and sarcasm.
5. Deal with only one issue at a time.


Read more about healthy sexuality, sexual empowerment and sacred/tantra sex in Julianna’s workbook, Empower Your Sexuality, available by clicking here or visiting her website,



Communication Guidelines!

Sex and Trust Issues

Trust is an important quality in healthy sex.


Trust helps us feel emotionally safe and secure about choosing to remain in an intimate relationship with our partner. Without trust, we‟re likely to feel growing amounts of anxiety, fear, disappointment and betrayal.

Trust is an important quality in healthy sex. Click To Tweet

Trust grows when both people in the relationship act responsibly and follow-through with commitments. While no one can guarantee that any relationship will last and remain satisfying for both people, you can strengthen mutual trust by having clear understandings about what you expect from each other in the relationship.
Spend time with your partner discussing what you need and expect in the relationship for you to feel emotionally safe. Based on your discussion, create a list of understandings you will both agree to honor. From you discussion, create a list of understandings you will both agree to honor. You may want to formalize your list into an actual “contract” you will follow.

These mutual understandings are often important to building trust in a healthy sexual relationship. Feel free to use this sample list to help you and your partner generate your own set of relationship ground rules.

Below are three of the ground rules that I suggest and can be found in my e-book: Empower Your Sexuality.

We agree that:

 It‟s okay to say no to sex at ANY TIME.
 It‟s okay to ask for what we want sexually, without being teased or shamed for it.
 We don‟t ever have to do anything we don‟t want to do sexually


Read more about healthy sexuality, sexual empowerment and sacred/tantra sex in Julianna’s workbook, Empower Your Sexuality, available by clicking here or visiting her website,


Sex and Trust Issues

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