Empower Your Sexuality!

Did you know?

One out of three couples suffer from a low sex drive.

Twenty percent of married couples have sex less than ten times a year.

Low sex drive is the number one complaint brought to sex therapists.

Fifty percent of the population are lacking sexual desire.

Why is healthy, active, fulfilling sex missing in so many relationships? Are we too busy with life? Too tired? Too stressed? Headaches or “just not feeling very good?”

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Life is short, find the joy in it


Laughter is the best medicine! I had just heard the news about my mother-in-law’s passing minutes before my TV segment today. I told myself to take a deep breath and have fun…for those that know me best, you know how much I love to laugh😂

I post this today as a reminder that life is short and although we experience pain and hardship, we can always find the joy in the simple things! Destry always gets me laughing during our TV segments and that felt soooo good.

I have learned that it’s okay to cry deeply when you’re hurting and in the next moment, possibly, laugh until you almost pee your pants ha ha ha! I used to always say to my kids when I was raising them… “mommy is just having a moment, just let me feel it” and the tears would come. Release is so important and comes in many forms! When we honor all the feelings, good and bad, I think it cleans us out for even more joy!


Julianna Lyddon

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Enlighten your day with our new products!

Do you know what your body lotion has in it? You might want to read the fine print. Our skin is our biggest organ and 60% of what we rub on it goes into our bloodstream. Our body butter has only unrefined, organic butters and oils and is made by hand in small batches. It’s rich with shea and mango butter which helps with many skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Lots of mama’s are using it on their babies because it’s so pure and healing.


Do you have dry skin? I created this facial hydration serum originally for myself because I have such dry skin and I wanted something organic I could use on my face. I smear lots on at night and use a smaller amount under my makeup. It creates a nice dewy look and feel. @leelascottsdale will have their new shipment today. They are located in beautiful Old Town Scottsdale and they have some you can sample…stop by!

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I am so grateful to you!


I cannot express in words how much my family, friends, colleagues and clients mean to me.  I am grateful beyond words for all the support, love and inspiration that you give to me.  My wish for you is a healthy, happy and beautiful holiday season surrounded by those special people in your life.

I am always here for you and I am excited to see what the next year will bring to us all.

Love and light to you,

Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Tips for you and your partner this holiday season

connect with julianna


Hey its Julianna Lyddon here and so today on my video blog I want to talk about something that has been coming up a lot in my practice. I think you’ll know exactly what I am talking about, because it relates to the holiday season.


And … people are saying to me, “how do I get through the holidays without fighting?” Without the disconnect? Without the chaos? With all of the family that are coming into town. And I have a few little tips that will be good reminders for you, that I you kind of start to use them now, as opposed to when its too late. You will really find that things could run a lot more smoothly. And so here’s tip number one. Make sure that you open the lines of communication with your spouse or significant other. That you start talking about your expectations. Because here’s the problem. Often when we have family coming into town, we know we’re going to have a lot of big events. We have expectations. You might hold yours here. He might hold his here. And what happens is we don’t know what those expectations are. Because we haven’t talked about it. So then what happens is we’re not getting our wants and their needs met. We’re getting surprised with things that are happening.

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Getting Through the Holidays

Connect with Julianna


Hey its Julianna Lyddon with Connect with Julianna and so I am here to give you a little bit of “free” therapy advise. And as a therapist, you can imagine this time of year I get bombarded with questions about how am I going to make it through the holiday season. I have to see this extended family member, or I have to have in laws come into town. And I want to pull my hair out! How can we not end up fighting with our spouse? Or feeling completely stressed out?

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A few creative tips for STANDING IN YOUR PERSONAL POWER!


Connect with Julianna


Its Julianna Lyddon here and today I want to talk about personal power. One of the things I see a lot in my practice is that people have trouble standing in their power, in their light. Often we stand beside it or even behind it. And it can be hard sometimes because there is no perfection in the human condition. We all have good days and bad days.   But sometimes we need a few extra tips to help us through some of the obstacles we face in our life.

So with relationship to personal power, one of the things that I think we need to identify first is what makes us special. What makes you unique. How do you stand apart from everybody else in the world. So whether this is related to opening your own business or you just want to be happier in your life.

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How are your life skills?

Connect with Julianna
Are you the most productive “you” you can be in your career? What separates the top-notch, effective executives and employees from the good ones? It’s not necessarily expertise in their line of work, but rather the fundamental life skills they possess. Personal power, creativity, relationship building skills, mindfulness, motivation, and more aren’t taught in schools or even necessarily by parents while growing up.
The Individual Corporate Coaching program focuses on these aspects of life to improve your job productivity and personal growth.
The program is uniquely designed as a partnership piece. Accountability is a critical necessity for executives and employees in the business world. To reinforce accountability in this coaching program, you will be asked to bring your most recent job performance review to the first coaching session. By identifying and highlighting areas where improvement is needed, we develop a synergistic method of holding you accountable for your job performance while continuing to work on your individual growth. This is the framework for developing your own unique, personalized coaching success plan.
The Individual Corporate Coaching program consists of four one-hour sessions scheduled one week apart. For non-local clients, the sessions are conducted via Skype. Your coaching will be tailored to your individual needs and goals, but will include these pathways:
• Emotional Intelligence
• Personal Power and Passion
• Relationship Building Skills
• Mindfulness Training
• Creativity and Motivation
For more information and to schedule your individual corporate coaching sessions click here.
Julianna Lyddon
Connect With Julianna
Connect with Julianna

Victim or Creator?


Connect with Julianna

Hi it’s Julianna Lyddon here and I have a couple of concepts that I want to throw your way. These concepts have been helpful for not only my clients when I bring them up, but for my students. I teach incoming freshman. Also its great to use with your employees. Its wonderful to use with your children and again these are fairly easy or simplistic as I say, but they are concepts that we don’t always think about.

So when I throw the word victim out there, what comes to mind? What do you think about? Because the individual that acts as the victim, is that person that likes to blame everybody else. That doesn’t want to take responsibility. That doesn’t like to be held accountable. It was her fault. It was his fault. The teacher just doesn’t like me. My boss doesn’t understand me. Right? There’s always an excuse. We know these individuals. Maybe there’s been a time in your life where you have been that individual. Right? Okay so when I throw this other word out there, the word creator, what comes to mind when you think about that? Well when we are the creator, we are the individual that sees opportunity everywhere.

Listen to the rest of the video here:

Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Connect with Julianna

Affairs and Emotional Needs

Connect With Julianna

I had a great conversation on Facebook with many of my friends about what constitutes an affair. The feedback and conversation that started was awesome. This video is an extension of that dialogue and pinpoints what I have seen in my practice. I’m hoping it will help individuals understand what’s at the nucleus of the affair and why people have affairs. Please leave comments   🙂


Today want to do my video blog on affairs. I see it a lot. Its men and women. The divorce rate is really kinda pushing up there. It fluctuates somewhat but it is definitely over fifty percent. And a lot of people I see are having affairs. They’re still in the marriage. They’re trying to continue the affair and continue the marriage because it’s so complicated at this point they don’t really know how to get out of the affair. And they don’t know how to bridge the place where they have to be open and honest in the marriage because oh my gosh…how would that look and how complicated could that potentially be right?

So I’m speaking to you today without judgement but just to give you some information that may help you understand why people have affairs. So when you find out that your spouse or partner or significant other is having an affair, what often happens is we get so hung up on the sexual aspect of it. Why are you having sex with them? What do they have that I don’t have? What kind of sex and how often?

Watch the complete video here.

Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Connect with Julianna


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