How to Empower Yourself Sexually



Eliminate the work and stress from sex:

1. Communication. It is very important to communicate with your partner in a gentle, non-threatening manner. Always approach sexual topics with an open mind and an open heart.

Questions to discuss with your partner:

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Sexual Experiences and Trust


Eliminate the work and stress from sex: (Continued from Previous Blog Post)

5. Trust. The most satisfying sexual experiences typically come in relationships based on trust. Trust allows you to be more comfortable with who you are sexually, eliminates worry about how your body looks, and eliminates concern about sharing your true desires and communicating your needs to your partner. It creates the comfort zone for exploration.

Questions to discuss with your partner:

Do you trust your partner in the bedroom?

Do you feel relaxed or uptight during sex?

Do you feel your partner may hold something against you that you shared or tried during a sexual experience with him/her?

Do you wish you could try different sexual positions or experiment with toys with your partner, but are concerned he/she might think you’re strange?

Does your partner have “weird” fantasies that concern you or that you don’t feel comfortable exploring?

Do you and your partner share your fantasies with each other?

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Eliminate the work and stress from sex


Eliminate the work and stress from sex:

1. Communication. It is very important to communicate with your partner in a gentle, non-threatening manner. Always approach sexual topics with an open mind and an open heart.

Questions to discuss with your partner:

How would you describe the type of communication you have with your partner?

Do you feel comfortable sharing intimate feelings and ideas with your partner?

Do you communicate during an argument or does it escalate to the point of no return?

How do you end up resolving a conflict–through passive-aggressive means until it fades away or are you comfortable talking about how to resolve the issue at hand?

Do you feel like you can share your sexual fantasies with your partner?

Do you know how to communicate with your partner in a loving, compassionate way?

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Empower Your Sexuality!

Did you know?

One out of three couples suffer from a low sex drive.

Twenty percent of married couples have sex less than ten times a year.

Low sex drive is the number one complaint brought to sex therapists.

Fifty percent of the population are lacking sexual desire.

Why is healthy, active, fulfilling sex missing in so many relationships? Are we too busy with life? Too tired? Too stressed? Headaches or “just not feeling very good?”

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Celebrate the Soulmates that Come into Your Lives


Hey its Julianna Lyddon here and I just received an email and I am just at my desk and I want to respond to it. But its so much easier for me to respond, turn my video camera on and respond this way through actually communicating.


Because the reason I want to answer these questions is because they parallel so many other questions that clients of mine have. So there is an individual that has responded to a recent blog post of mine. You know who you are and thank you for your questions.

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Tips for you and your partner this holiday season

connect with julianna


Hey its Julianna Lyddon here and so today on my video blog I want to talk about something that has been coming up a lot in my practice. I think you’ll know exactly what I am talking about, because it relates to the holiday season.


And … people are saying to me, “how do I get through the holidays without fighting?” Without the disconnect? Without the chaos? With all of the family that are coming into town. And I have a few little tips that will be good reminders for you, that I you kind of start to use them now, as opposed to when its too late. You will really find that things could run a lot more smoothly. And so here’s tip number one. Make sure that you open the lines of communication with your spouse or significant other. That you start talking about your expectations. Because here’s the problem. Often when we have family coming into town, we know we’re going to have a lot of big events. We have expectations. You might hold yours here. He might hold his here. And what happens is we don’t know what those expectations are. Because we haven’t talked about it. So then what happens is we’re not getting our wants and their needs met. We’re getting surprised with things that are happening.

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Affairs and Emotional Needs

Connect With Julianna

I had a great conversation on Facebook with many of my friends about what constitutes an affair. The feedback and conversation that started was awesome. This video is an extension of that dialogue and pinpoints what I have seen in my practice. I’m hoping it will help individuals understand what’s at the nucleus of the affair and why people have affairs. Please leave comments   🙂


Today want to do my video blog on affairs. I see it a lot. Its men and women. The divorce rate is really kinda pushing up there. It fluctuates somewhat but it is definitely over fifty percent. And a lot of people I see are having affairs. They’re still in the marriage. They’re trying to continue the affair and continue the marriage because it’s so complicated at this point they don’t really know how to get out of the affair. And they don’t know how to bridge the place where they have to be open and honest in the marriage because oh my gosh…how would that look and how complicated could that potentially be right?

So I’m speaking to you today without judgement but just to give you some information that may help you understand why people have affairs. So when you find out that your spouse or partner or significant other is having an affair, what often happens is we get so hung up on the sexual aspect of it. Why are you having sex with them? What do they have that I don’t have? What kind of sex and how often?

Watch the complete video here.

Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Connect with Julianna


Are you Getting your Needs Met?

Connect with Julianna

I want to talk about getting your needs met in your relationship. Let me tell you this is one that I see a lot. It has come up lately in my practice. So whatever happens I try to bring it up in my blog to provide some really helpful tips for people. But here’s the thing, whether you’re in a relationship and maybe your partner is having an affair, maybe they’re having a physical affair. Maybe you found out they are having an emotional affair. Maybe it’s not to that point but you’re in a relationship where you just feel dull. Where you just feel almost frozen, like nothing is really making a difference. You’re not feeling fully connected to that person you’re just kind of going through the motions.


I get a lot of people saying that “you know what?” I just have a roommate. I don’t feel like there is any chemistry, I don’t feel like there is any sexual energy between us. We just kind of live together and take care of each other. Because we do care about one another but we’ve lost that kind of passion.


So no matter what your issue is you know there’s something wrong in your relationship and the first thing I have to say here is to reach out and get the support you need.

Listen to the complete video here:



Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Connect with Julianna

Navigating the Pain in Marriage

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In my practice, I help many couples and individuals work on their relationships and it is an honor to help them navigate the pain, struggles and questions they grapple with when giving it their all! They come in wanting to give their marriage one last chance. Often, by the time they have exhausted all their options, many come to the conclusion that a divorce is what’s best. When this decision has finally been made, I’m always so proud of how far they have come in their personal growth and to witness the love they have that is beyond themselves is awe-inspiring.

In honor of so many couples out there that finally get to the end of this tiresome journey….they deserve to celebrate their divorce…they will now be free to separate and continue their lives as an independent person ready for new chances and opportunities! I say… Happy Divorce to you! Celebrate 🍾

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Julianna Lyddon
Connect with Julianna
Connect with Julianna

Raising a Happy Spirit

Raising A Happy Spirit: The Inner Wisdom of Parenting


Happy Spirit

One thing that makes this book, Raising A Happy Spirit: The Inner Wisdom of Parenting, unique is that it is a mini-book!  The concept behind a mini-book is that you will find powerful messages in a small package. And the small package makes it easier for you to understand, easier for you to assimilate the concepts into your daily lives, and easier for you to pass the information along.

Based on her philosophy that we need to develop deeper more meaningful relationships with our children, Julianna has provided concepts in this book that will not only help teach children compassion, humility, forgiveness, self-soothing and inter-dependence but also teaches us, as parents, how to integrate these concepts into our daily parenting routine.  

Happy children who are loved and celebrated become well-adjusted, confident adults. But how do you get them there? This book is full of insights about intuition and will help us discover its importance and see the uses it has for teaching what is really important in everyone’s life.

Raising A Happy Spirit: The Inner Wisdom of Parenting is available at or on


Julianna M. Lyddon, M.C., of Paradise Valley, Arizona is a specialist in marriage, family, and child therapy. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from University of Kansas and a Masters in Counseling from the University of Phoenix. A true intuitive therapist, Lyddon uses her well-developed and life-long skills to work with her clients to help them find an effective kind of introspection to fit their needs. She’s married to Jim Lyddon and is a mother of three grown children. 


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