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Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

The New Moon Brings Change


The new moon is a time for renewal and change. Create your own ritual by lighting a candle and setting your intention for the new year. Take a moment to be still and reflect on what you truly desire. We are constantly co-creating with the universe. Often we do it unconsciously ….isn’t it time to manifest your dreams, consciously? Our Create mantra candle reminds us …”I consciously create my dreams”

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Celebrate the Soulmates that Come into Your Lives


Hey its Julianna Lyddon here and I just received an email and I am just at my desk and I want to respond to it. But its so much easier for me to respond, turn my video camera on and respond this way through actually communicating.


Because the reason I want to answer these questions is because they parallel so many other questions that clients of mine have. So there is an individual that has responded to a recent blog post of mine. You know who you are and thank you for your questions.

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Do you need a coach?


Have you been looking back over this past year and wondered if you could have done things differently?  Are you looking forward to the next year with enthusiasm?  Have you thought about hiring a life coach?

What is the purpose of life coaching”

to achieve clarity and focus

to identify your goals and motivation to success

to build a goal-oriented action plan with accountability

Why Hire A Life Coach?

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What is an intuitive reading?

I wanted to talk to you about receiving an intuitive reading. I get the question all the time about how it is done and I thought this would be really helpful if I did a video so that you could learn a bit more about the process, and you can decide for yourself it it’s a fit for you.


I think its important to first talk a little bit about intuition. You know we’re all born with intuition. Its one of our greatest gifts as human beings. I like to say intuition is our inner wisdom. Its kind of our higher self. Its that built in radar that lets us know when we’re off balance.  Or maybe when we’re about to make a bad decision. Some of you may have experienced your intuition as a thought that moves through your head as if to tell you something’s not right here. Or some of us experience it as a sensation in our body. Maybe you get a weird feeling in your stomach or your legs get weak. Or some of us get goose bumps that stand up on the back of our necks. And some of us just get a feeling that absolutely bombards us as if to say how you better pay attention to whats going on right now.

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Getting Through the Holidays

Connect with Julianna


Hey its Julianna Lyddon with Connect with Julianna and so I am here to give you a little bit of “free” therapy advise. And as a therapist, you can imagine this time of year I get bombarded with questions about how am I going to make it through the holiday season. I have to see this extended family member, or I have to have in laws come into town. And I want to pull my hair out! How can we not end up fighting with our spouse? Or feeling completely stressed out?

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Learn the Necessary Steps Towards Manifesting

Connect with Julianna


One of the things that’s been on my mind lately I’ve been talking a lot about it in workshops or talking to groups of people, really anyone that will listen! Is the concept of using our imagination, and how we can actually use it in order to bring what we want into our reality. Here’s the thing that I want to leave you with today, and that is that we our master co-creators of our reality. That we have the ability, that we have the magnificence to bring whatever we want into our reality.


Think about your imagination like this. Everything you see in the world, everything from this computer, to your car, to an airplane to a chair to a television set, whatever it is, it all started in someone’s imagination as that imaginative thought. Now it may have taken teams of people, it may have taken years to bring it to fruition, but that just gives you an idea of how amazingly powerful we are as human beings.


And so often I find that people don’t believe in their power. They’re not standing in their power. They might intellectually know that they’re powerful and read about it and talk about it, but they don’t actually live it.

Listen to the complete video here:


Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna


Connect with Julianna

Are You Prepared for the Holidays?

Connect with Julianna


Enlighten Candles Arizona is gearing up for the holidays.  We are creating a variety of candle tumblers and tins so you can place your custom holiday orders for your friends, relatives and those business gifts early this year!

Connect with Julianna


Bring the holidays inside with these fragrances!

Fall Scents: Pumpkin, Fall Harvest, and Pomegranate Cider

Holiday Scents: Holly Berry, Christmas Tree, Christmas Hearth, Peppermint Bark  




For a unique gift, these will make a perfect selection!

Mantra Candles & Mantra Love Intention Notes


Order your own custom candle gifts with your company logo label


Enlighten Candles ArizonaAsk about our discounts when ordering a minimum of 24 candles.  To place custom orders, contact Enlighten Candles Arizona at


Visit our website to shop the complete product line at at



Enlighten Candles Arizona


Are you ready to tap into your psychic ability

Connect with Julianna

Do you think that you have psychic ability? Now I know that many of us get hung up on the word psychic so lets throw it out. We don’t have to use that word we can use the word intuition we can use the phrase intuitive wisdom if that feels better.

But here’s the thing, we’re all prewired with intuitive ability. Its really in our DNA and so this psychic development program is really for those individuals that are interested in tapping into it even more. Listening to those intuitive messages, connecting with the spirit world, meeting your spirit guide. Getting your own kind of messages and guidance.

I help so many people one-on-one through intuitive readings and coaching and I get individuals all the time say to me how can I do this work and that’s just the thing, we all can. I am not gifted anymore than you are. So we are coming into a time in our lives now, really part of our evolution as human beings is to open up more to this inner wisdom, to listen to our intuition to really perfect our psychic ability.

And so this program that I have developed is so much fun, its so creative, its so playful and it will help you become more intune. So here’s the thing, there will be homework, there is a commitment in this work because it is six sessions. I will guide you so we will meet every week for one hour and we can do it via Skype or if you live nearby you can come in and we can do it one to one in person.

Listen to the full video here:

Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Connect with Julianna

Finding your Voice

Connect with Julianna


Continuing with our earlier post this week regarding the throat chakra, I wanted to share some additional information.


Are you having trouble expressing your feelings? Having difficulty finding your voice? Trouble articulating your message or having the inability to connect with the Divine?


The throat chakra is the center that governs our speech and creative expression in the world. It’s health will determine how honest we are and how well we can express ourselves with the people around us. Through this chakra, we speak our truth, no matter how small or unimportant it may seem. This is where energy transforms into manifestations in the physical world. If you have trouble expressing yourself, if it is hard for you to share deep feelings, or if you have difficulty finding the words the throat chakra is likely out of balance.


To listen to a short sample of a breathing meditation click here:


To work with balancing your throat chakra through meditation, you may purchase the Throat Chakra mediation by clicking here!


Julianna Lyddon

Connect With Julianna

Connect with Julianna

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