Make Valentine’s Day a Family Affair


Julianna Lyddon spent another amazing afternoon with Channel 12 on the Arizona Midday show.  She shared some suggestions on how to make Valentine’s Day a family affair!  She says we can spread the love while you are spending the day together.

Some ideas to get you prepared and how to get started:

  • Have a prep party – have your kids invite their friends over to prepare valentines for school
  • Create a Valentine Phone Chain – Call loved ones that may be out of town and remind them that you love them and ask them to spread the love by calling someone else
  • Share the love – Get the family together to create and then to deliver and share valentines with those in nursing homes or closed other community centers and hospitals
  • Treasure Hunt – Make clues and create your own treasure hunt throughout the home or out at the park.  Use clues that are developmentally appropriate for your children’s age.
  • Candlelight Dinner with the kids – Ask your kids for suggestions on meals and have a candlelit dinner with their help in preparing and setting up.


Be sure to have a special date night with your partner at least once a month to keep a happy and healthy family unit.

To listen to the complete interview on Arizona Midday, click here!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna


I am so grateful to you!


I cannot express in words how much my family, friends, colleagues and clients mean to me.  I am grateful beyond words for all the support, love and inspiration that you give to me.  My wish for you is a healthy, happy and beautiful holiday season surrounded by those special people in your life.

I am always here for you and I am excited to see what the next year will bring to us all.

Love and light to you,

Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Happy Holidays to ME!


Have you been wanting to treat yourself to something really special?  The holidays are upon us and Connect With Julianna offers a variety of services to clients designed to raise their level of consciousness, unlock their hidden potential, and live richer, fuller, more purposeful lives. This is the perfect time of year to give to yourself and learn new things about yourself through the growth these services provide.

For detailed information on the services offered, click on the hyperlinks below. Clients interested in scheduling several services together can save by purchasing one of the Connect With Julianna packages. Click HERE for details.

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Black Friday Specials at Enlighten Candles Arizona

Connect with Julianna


Today, buy any 8oz tin in one of our Holiday scents and get it with our custom “Happy Holidays” label for 25% off. They are available in peppermint bark, christmas hearth, christmas tree and holly berry. Go to and type “happyholidays” in the coupon code at checkout to receive your discount.

These scents are sure to bring back those special memories of holidays past and create new ones for the future.

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Getting Through the Holidays

Connect with Julianna


Hey its Julianna Lyddon with Connect with Julianna and so I am here to give you a little bit of “free” therapy advise. And as a therapist, you can imagine this time of year I get bombarded with questions about how am I going to make it through the holiday season. I have to see this extended family member, or I have to have in laws come into town. And I want to pull my hair out! How can we not end up fighting with our spouse? Or feeling completely stressed out?

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Are You Prepared for the Holidays?

Connect with Julianna


Enlighten Candles Arizona is gearing up for the holidays.  We are creating a variety of candle tumblers and tins so you can place your custom holiday orders for your friends, relatives and those business gifts early this year!

Connect with Julianna


Bring the holidays inside with these fragrances!

Fall Scents: Pumpkin, Fall Harvest, and Pomegranate Cider

Holiday Scents: Holly Berry, Christmas Tree, Christmas Hearth, Peppermint Bark  




For a unique gift, these will make a perfect selection!

Mantra Candles & Mantra Love Intention Notes


Order your own custom candle gifts with your company logo label


Enlighten Candles ArizonaAsk about our discounts when ordering a minimum of 24 candles.  To place custom orders, contact Enlighten Candles Arizona at


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Enlighten Candles Arizona


Candles for Clients and Friends!

Candles for Clients and Friends!

Candles for Clients and Friends!

Look how cute one of their customers wrapped up their mini tins for her business clients!

So cute:)


It’s not too late to order holiday candles for clients and friends!

Enlighten Candles Arizona is offering a “Candle of the Month”!

December’s candle of the month is: Christmas Tree!   The blue spruce is a bit stronger than a typical fir tree, but mellowed by pleasing citrus and cedarwood notes. The spirit of the holiday season is captured in this enchanting scent.

A truly authentic Christmas tree scent. Click To Tweet

Order now, we will have a limited supply!

Custom Orders
Enlighten Candles Arizona will be happy to work with you on special orders and requests such as company logo labeling.

Please contact us with your needs.

Enlighten Candles Arizona offers wholesale pricing to retailers interested in purchasing our products for resale. Please contact us for details.

Bulk Orders
Customers interested in purchasing Enlighten Candles in bulk, please contact us for pricing details.

Enlighten Candles Arizona is committed to practices that are compatible with Mother Nature.

Enlighten Candles are created with renewable, U.S. farmed, sustainable ingredients.

Their non-GMO* soy wax is an eco-friendly, natural alternative to paraffin wax candles

that are made with petroleum by-products created from sludge waste when crude oil is refined into gasoline.

Their cotton/paper blend wicks provide a clean burn with no black soot and a long burn time.

The superior quality fragrance oils in all Enlighten Candles are phthalate free and blended with essential oils.



Happy Holidays with Julianna!


Happy Holidays with Julianna!

Happy Holidays Sale
December 9th-14th

Save on Intuitive Readings and Coaching Packages

All services must be paid in full by December 14th


Mini Intuitive Readings via e-mail $75
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Intuitive Reading via Skype or in person $150
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Mini Coaching Package and Mini Intuitive Reading $200
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 Contact Julianna via e-mail: or phone at 602-826-6790 to pay and schedule your appointment. All sessions are paid in full by December 14th and appointments must be scheduled within 60 days of purchase.

Go to to learn more about Julianna’s services

Gifts certificates available.

 About Julianna:

Julianna Lyddon, MC is a Certified Life Coach with a master’s degree in marriage, family, and child counseling. She is also an author, clinical hypnotherapist, teacher, and spiritual advisor.  Read more about Julianna by clicking here.


Connect with Julianna

Thanksgiving Survival Tips

Thanksgiving Survival Tips


Is Thanksgiving the one Holiday

you don’t look forward to with your family?


Below are some excellent tips by Julianna,

a marriage and family expert,

on how to survive your Thanksgiving holiday!


  1. Spend the Holiday in a public place. Give the family cooks a break by moving to a restaurant. Most people behave better in public.


  1. Leave the competition out of it. Don’t fuss over what others think or who may do it better. If you’re the hostess, enlist others to help and remember, you’re the boss if you’re having it at your house.


  1. Remember the adage…short and sweet. Let the dinner end by early afternoon so that people can leave and go to a movie or do other activities on their own. This way you don’t have to worry about spending too much “together” time and risk things getting heated.


Communicate your expectations with your significant other to help avoid holiday stress. Click To Tweet


  1. Have a clever seating arrangement. Try using place cards to assign seats so that you can separate people who may not get along.


  1. Invite buffers. Put people on the list that everyone gets along with and they will serve to buffer those that may be conflict driven


  1. Be sure to put the fun into your family Thanksgiving dinner. Below are some Thanksgiving family fun activities.


  • Create a Thanksgiving gratitude tablecloth: Get a white tablecloth and fabric markers and have everyone write a message or note on the tablecloth. For kids you can get chalk cloth black fabric for their “kids table”


  • Create a memory video montage: Turn on the video camera and have each person share a memory they have from the past year. Someone compile it and send to everyone when it’s complete.


  • Plan a family volunteer project: A few days before Thanksgiving, get the family together to volunteer for a good cause.


  • Create a blessing jar: Get a glass jar and Popsicle sticks and as people enter your home, have them write on the stick what they are grateful for and at dinner each person grabs a stick and reads it aloud.


Wishing you and your loved ones a happy Thanksgiving.

Connect with Julianna

Free Candle Offer from ECA!

Free Candle Offer from Enlighten Candles Arizona


Free Candle Offer from Enlighten Candles Arizona! 

Are you interested in earning FREE candles? Enlighten Candles Arizona has made it super easy for hosts and guests to gather for a party to purchase and earn free Enlighten Candles Arizona products. With the holidays right around the corner, this is a fun way to get in some early shopping for gifts, and to decorate your home with their wonderful fall and holiday scents.

They take all the work out of it for you!


Learn how you can get FREE candles from Enlighten Candles Arizona! Click To Tweet

As the host, you will receive:

• One glass tumbler candle (12 oz) of your scent choice
• One black tin candle (8 oz) of your scent choice
• One silver tin candle (8 oz) of your scent choice
• One 6-cell melts (2.4 oz) of your scent choice

These are yours to keep for hosting the party.

You will also receive other materials to display for the party and we will provide you with postage to return them following the party.

The most convenient part is no paperwork! During the party, you simply set up your computer to our web site and guests place orders right online. You will receive credit for their purchases as they are made. As a further incentive for guests to purchase, they provide you with a personalized coupon code to apply at check out. The coupon code gives a $5 flat rate shipping fee for all orders no matter how many candles are purchased.

To learn more about what makes our candles so unique, visit our site by clicking here – Enlighten Candles Arizona

If you are interested in hosting a candle party, you can contact Julianna Lyddon

by visiting her website at:

or by email at:


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