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Make Valentine’s Day a Family Affair


Julianna Lyddon spent another amazing afternoon with Channel 12 on the Arizona Midday show.  She shared some suggestions on how to make Valentine’s Day a family affair!  She says we can spread the love while you are spending the day together.

Some ideas to get you prepared and how to get started:

  • Have a prep party – have your kids invite their friends over to prepare valentines for school
  • Create a Valentine Phone Chain – Call loved ones that may be out of town and remind them that you love them and ask them to spread the love by calling someone else
  • Share the love – Get the family together to create and then to deliver and share valentines with those in nursing homes or closed other community centers and hospitals
  • Treasure Hunt – Make clues and create your own treasure hunt throughout the home or out at the park.  Use clues that are developmentally appropriate for your children’s age.
  • Candlelight Dinner with the kids – Ask your kids for suggestions on meals and have a candlelit dinner with their help in preparing and setting up.


Be sure to have a special date night with your partner at least once a month to keep a happy and healthy family unit.

To listen to the complete interview on Arizona Midday, click here!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna


I am so grateful to you!


I cannot express in words how much my family, friends, colleagues and clients mean to me.  I am grateful beyond words for all the support, love and inspiration that you give to me.  My wish for you is a healthy, happy and beautiful holiday season surrounded by those special people in your life.

I am always here for you and I am excited to see what the next year will bring to us all.

Love and light to you,

Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Connecting to Give Back



Hi its Julianna Lyddon and I am so excited to share this page of my website with you, Giving Back.


Because it is one of my favorite parts of this site. I have met so many amazing people on my journey. I wanted to find a way to continue to showcase their work. And one of the things that I have also found is that we all want to make a difference. We all want to find a way to give back. But sometimes we don’t know where to begin. So I have included some of my favorites, and I want to hear from you.

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Thanksgiving Survival Tips

Thanksgiving Survival Tips


Is Thanksgiving the one Holiday

you don’t look forward to with your family?


Below are some excellent tips by Julianna,

a marriage and family expert,

on how to survive your Thanksgiving holiday!


  1. Spend the Holiday in a public place. Give the family cooks a break by moving to a restaurant. Most people behave better in public.


  1. Leave the competition out of it. Don’t fuss over what others think or who may do it better. If you’re the hostess, enlist others to help and remember, you’re the boss if you’re having it at your house.


  1. Remember the adage…short and sweet. Let the dinner end by early afternoon so that people can leave and go to a movie or do other activities on their own. This way you don’t have to worry about spending too much “together” time and risk things getting heated.


Communicate your expectations with your significant other to help avoid holiday stress. Click To Tweet


  1. Have a clever seating arrangement. Try using place cards to assign seats so that you can separate people who may not get along.


  1. Invite buffers. Put people on the list that everyone gets along with and they will serve to buffer those that may be conflict driven


  1. Be sure to put the fun into your family Thanksgiving dinner. Below are some Thanksgiving family fun activities.


  • Create a Thanksgiving gratitude tablecloth: Get a white tablecloth and fabric markers and have everyone write a message or note on the tablecloth. For kids you can get chalk cloth black fabric for their “kids table”


  • Create a memory video montage: Turn on the video camera and have each person share a memory they have from the past year. Someone compile it and send to everyone when it’s complete.


  • Plan a family volunteer project: A few days before Thanksgiving, get the family together to volunteer for a good cause.


  • Create a blessing jar: Get a glass jar and Popsicle sticks and as people enter your home, have them write on the stick what they are grateful for and at dinner each person grabs a stick and reads it aloud.


Wishing you and your loved ones a happy Thanksgiving.

Connect with Julianna

Packs for Prosperity


 Packs for Prosperity

As human beings, our mind, body, and spirit are enriched through acts of kindness and generosity toward others, and by being responsible caretakers for the planet we all share. A friend and colleague, Alana E. Roberts, has just launched her project, Packs for Prosperity, which embraces that concept wholeheartedly.   To that end, and to show my support for this exceptionally worthy cause, I am dedicating today’s blog to her and to Packs for Prosperity

In Alana’s own words:

I run a small company that offers virtual services to individuals and small businesses mostly in the east valley and metro Phoenix and Scottsdale. I usually work from home. But over the past year i have found myself traveling in my car up and down the 101 freeway to and from Scottsdale or Phoenix to meet with clients at coffee shops and lunch spots.

In my travels I have become aware of the increasing number of homeless individuals on the street and most especially on freeway off-ramps. It was not a gentle awareness… it became a daily awareness…

It seemed everywhere I went, there was someone who was in need, men, women and children. Click To Tweet

This started to pull at me at all hours of the day and night.

I am not one to carry cash in my wallet, i almost never have cash on hand. So i was thinking of ways that I could help by having something in my car, possibly in my backseat that i could reach behind and grab and hand out to those in need on the freeway off ramps.

I have been thinking and thinking and praying about it ….. And how I could be of service…. And I soon realized that once I started…… the universe stepped in to guide me to take action to do it.

So I decided that backpacks would be a great way to offer essential supplies to those in need and they would be something you could have already prepared and keep in your car ….. Say one or two at a time.

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Groupon for The Manor

Check out this Groupon!!!


Groupon for The Manor


$39 for Two Straight-Razor Shave Experiences at The Manor

Shave Bar and Vitality Lounge ($80 Value)

The Manor is awesome!!

Men are loving these shaves!!

They have a drink locker too:))

Treat your man to something unique this Holiday!!

We are thrilled to be part of their experience with Enlighten Candles!

I’m gonna be hanging out in the Paradise Medspa, next door, tomorrow for my facial!!

Great staff and products!!!


Groupon for The Manor

What is Evolutionary Enlightenment?

Andrew Cohen is an internationally

respected spiritual teacher,  cultural visionary, 

and founder of the global nonprofit EnlightenNext

and its award-winning publication

EnlightenNext magazine.


 Since 1986, Cohen has been traveling the world giving public lectures and leading intensive retreats. Through his writings, teachings, and ongoing dialogues with leading philosophers, scientists, and mystics, he has become known as one of the defining voices of the new evolutionary spirituality. In 2013, Cohen was listed as #23 on Watkins’ Mind-Body-Spirit magazine’s annual list of the “Top 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People.”

In the fall of 1991, Andrew Cohen and a group of his close students decided to start a new conversation regarding spirituality in the Western world. They created a small 16-page publication revolving around a question they found endlessly fascinating, provocative, and capable of eliciting a wide variety of answers: What Is Enlightenment?

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The Pathfinder and Partnering with Nature

As human beings, our mind, body, and spirit are enriched through acts of kindness and generosity toward others, and by being responsible caretakers for the planet we all share. No one exemplifies this more than Catriona MacGregor.  Since childhood, Catriona has had mystical experiences in nature that have provided her with a profound understanding of the natural world. Catriona has a Doctor of Divinity and a Masters in Science Degree (Habitat Management) and has rehabilitated hundreds of orphaned and injured wild animals. Catriona is a visionary bridge builder between nature and humankind – and an adept nature guide and naturalist. 


The Pathfinder and Partnering with Nature


Her book, Partnering with Nature: The Wild Path to Reconnecting with the Earth, illuminates the fact that our connection to nature, animals, and to the earth is a vital part of our existence. She explains, in her book, the following:

 How our disconnection with nature is not only causing an environmental crisis but can lead to stress and depression in adults and obesity, attention deficit disorders, and apathy in children.

  • Why a connection with the Earth and with nature, in its many forms, is vital to human survival and the survival of the planet.
  • The history of many cultures’ relationships to the Earth, including and how humankind needs to deepen our connection to nature today.
  • How the energies that link humans, animals, and the natural world can actually be observed and studied–the point where spirituality and science intersect.
  • What the myriad benefits are of living in partnership with nature. For example, Nature offers us healing, wisdom, and an opportunity to connect with the sacred.


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The Harp Foundation

As human beings, our mind, body, and spirit are enriched through acts of kindness and generosity toward others, and by being responsible caretakers for the planet we all share. The Harp Foundation “gets” that.

The Harp Foundation

Harpist soothes baby prior to surgery

I encourage you to visit The Harp Foundation’s website so that you can discover how they are enriching the lives of others through their acts of kindness and generosity. The harpists, who are professional muscisians, are also performance and therapeutic harpists.  They play for the Harp Foundation in hospitals, hospices, and school programs. . Their mission is to provide therapeutic harp music for the essential healing, comfort and well-being of individuals in crisis and for special needs. They also imbue a sense of peace and wellness during life’s celebrations and ‘storms’ and offer support for the underserved and those with special needs.

Additonally, they promote healing for critical care patients (newborn infants, premature babies and post-surgery infants with congenital heart disease, oncology and hospice patients) including their families and caregivers.

The Harp Foundation

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