Family Fun Ideas

Create an “Imagination Board”

This is a fun activity for all ages. You may use poster board, foam board, cardboard . . . whatever backdrop you want. Collect pictures that represent the desires you want to imagine into your future.

The sky’s the limit! Let your imagination soar! Paste, staple, or tack your pictures to the board as you collect them.

Keep your Imagination Board in a place where you will see it every day. Take time each day to look at the pictures, then close your eyes and allow your imagination to create a story for you in a manner similar to the healing symbol work where you created a movie to run through your mind. Be detailed.

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Make Valentine’s Day a Family Affair


Julianna Lyddon spent another amazing afternoon with Channel 12 on the Arizona Midday show.  She shared some suggestions on how to make Valentine’s Day a family affair!  She says we can spread the love while you are spending the day together.

Some ideas to get you prepared and how to get started:

  • Have a prep party – have your kids invite their friends over to prepare valentines for school
  • Create a Valentine Phone Chain – Call loved ones that may be out of town and remind them that you love them and ask them to spread the love by calling someone else
  • Share the love – Get the family together to create and then to deliver and share valentines with those in nursing homes or closed other community centers and hospitals
  • Treasure Hunt – Make clues and create your own treasure hunt throughout the home or out at the park.  Use clues that are developmentally appropriate for your children’s age.
  • Candlelight Dinner with the kids – Ask your kids for suggestions on meals and have a candlelit dinner with their help in preparing and setting up.


Be sure to have a special date night with your partner at least once a month to keep a happy and healthy family unit.

To listen to the complete interview on Arizona Midday, click here!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna


Two Ways of Thought

When it comes to being a parent there are two important ways of thinking. When understood and put into practice, they create a solid foundation for your child’s growth and development.

Each child is an opportunity, not a property.  Each new life is a gift that you get for a borrowed amount of time. It is a beautiful chance for parents to guide and fill children with as much love, knowledge and inspiration as possible so they can be sent into the world as wise, self-trusting and responsible adults who know how to use their own intuition. These intuitive pathways encourage growth and personal power. Let your children know what a gift they are to this world.

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Clearing the Blocks for Healing


Are you feeling blocked in your personal or business life?  Have you lost your enthusiasm and motivation? Have you lost your sense of imagination and creativity?

In Julianna Lyddon’s workbook, Tapping Into Your Imagination, Julianna uses techniques and exercises to help you to “tap into your imagination.”

Here are a few steps to take as you begin your new year to help you to clear the blocks for healing and moving forward:

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Getting Through the Holidays

Connect with Julianna


Hey its Julianna Lyddon with Connect with Julianna and so I am here to give you a little bit of “free” therapy advise. And as a therapist, you can imagine this time of year I get bombarded with questions about how am I going to make it through the holiday season. I have to see this extended family member, or I have to have in laws come into town. And I want to pull my hair out! How can we not end up fighting with our spouse? Or feeling completely stressed out?

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Are you thinking about moving in together or getting married?


Connect with Julianna


Hi its Julianna Lyddon here and so today I want to talk about something that came up my classroom. I teach college kids, incoming freshmen in Arizona and today we were talking a little bit about habits and how we can stop behaviors before they become habitual and having that real awareness of what a habit is and how long it takes a habit to be actually formed and really getting in there and making that unnecessary shift.

Some of the kids brought up….. we have such great discussions …and some of them brought up this concept of relationships and marriages and how complicated that can be when two people have very specific habits. And how they come together in a relationship and how it can be extra difficult at eradicating or even really making the shift that’s very necessary so then the conversation kinda parlayed into someone asking if I believe in premarital counseling and so we had a discussion about that and I absolutely think that if individuals would go to see someone before they get married or even moved in together more marriages would be salvaged… would be saved.

Listen to the complete video here.



Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Connect with Julianna


Family Travel Tips

Connect with Julianna


Click here to listen to Julianna’s interview on Arizona Midday to keep your family vacation in the Fun Zone!


Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Connect with Julianna

Parenting Tip #1- Listen to Your Intuition

Parenting Tip #1- Listen to Your Intuition


Listen to Your Intuition! 

Earlier this week I blogged about Julianna’s suggested resolutions to strengthen your family.  She suggested that one way was by being in the present (put away your cell phones) and not over-committing your children with structured extra-curricular activities.

On this month’s Arizona Midday segment, Julianna continued the conversation by adding these great tips:

Listen to your intuition. We as females and as mothers have a great sense of what is usually called “Mother’s intuition”.  But we get bombarded by others telling us what we should – and should not – be doing. Don’t let others talk you into doing something, or not doing something, when you inner voice tells you otherwise. 

Don’t forget to self-care. Take some much-needed “me” time. Maybe keep the sitter around for an extra hour so that you can take a walk around the block, or maybe take a long luxurious bath. Take that extra time to decompress.

We as females have such a keen intuition! But we don't always listen to it. Click To Tweet

Read to your children more. Most children’s books tell you what age they are for. Maybe go up a level and read to them from a book a little more advanced than their age. It may bring about some wonderful and deep discussions.

Go outside more with your children. It not only feels good to be with them outside, but it is good for us.

Give one surprise a month to your children. Or once a week. Or once every other week. Whatever feels right for you and your family. Let your children know that there is a surprise coming, too. That builds the anticipation and it’s also something fun to look forward to. And then the surprise could be something like serving your children breakfast for dinner. Or taking your children out for ice cream one day after school. Or having a family game night before bedtime. All these activities are not just fun, but bonding as well.



Connect with Jullianna

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions


New Year’s Resolutions

Have you kept yours?


Now is around the time when all those heart-felt, totally meant-them-when-you-said-them, New Year’s resolutions start falling by the wayside. Hey we’ve all done it.  Life gets in the way even if our intentions were sincere when we started off.

But one resolution that we should always be mindful of is the one we make to strengthen our family. But how?

 Well, in the video below Julianna offered the viewers of Arizona Midday some tips on how to do that.

Be in the present with your children. Click To Tweet

First, she says we moms need to be “in the present” with our children. What that means for us is that we turn off the television and we put our cell phones away.  And you know what else? We leave our work… at work.   The goal is to get into our children’s world.  We need to listen to them and to play with them.  As moms, Julianna says, we are so talented at”multi-tasking” that we are not even aware we are doing it. And the result? We are not giving our children the quality attention that they need.

Kids grow up quickly! They will be adults before you know it. Make family time a priority. Click To Tweet

Furthermore, Julianna says that in this country we over commit our children.  Give them one, maybe two, structured activities. When they are over-committed they don’t have the opportunity to breathe!!!  But that doesn’t mean that there should be more television or video games during their down-time.  We have to get our kids to use their imaginations more.  Encourage them to play outside, or to read, or to participate in the arts. When we use our imaginations more we become more creative. When we become more creative, we in turn, become better problem solvers.

For more great tips, watch the video below!!!


YouTube Preview Image



Connect with Julianna

Thanksgiving Survival Tips

Thanksgiving Survival Tips


Is Thanksgiving the one Holiday

you don’t look forward to with your family?


Below are some excellent tips by Julianna,

a marriage and family expert,

on how to survive your Thanksgiving holiday!


  1. Spend the Holiday in a public place. Give the family cooks a break by moving to a restaurant. Most people behave better in public.


  1. Leave the competition out of it. Don’t fuss over what others think or who may do it better. If you’re the hostess, enlist others to help and remember, you’re the boss if you’re having it at your house.


  1. Remember the adage…short and sweet. Let the dinner end by early afternoon so that people can leave and go to a movie or do other activities on their own. This way you don’t have to worry about spending too much “together” time and risk things getting heated.


Communicate your expectations with your significant other to help avoid holiday stress. Click To Tweet


  1. Have a clever seating arrangement. Try using place cards to assign seats so that you can separate people who may not get along.


  1. Invite buffers. Put people on the list that everyone gets along with and they will serve to buffer those that may be conflict driven


  1. Be sure to put the fun into your family Thanksgiving dinner. Below are some Thanksgiving family fun activities.


  • Create a Thanksgiving gratitude tablecloth: Get a white tablecloth and fabric markers and have everyone write a message or note on the tablecloth. For kids you can get chalk cloth black fabric for their “kids table”


  • Create a memory video montage: Turn on the video camera and have each person share a memory they have from the past year. Someone compile it and send to everyone when it’s complete.


  • Plan a family volunteer project: A few days before Thanksgiving, get the family together to volunteer for a good cause.


  • Create a blessing jar: Get a glass jar and Popsicle sticks and as people enter your home, have them write on the stick what they are grateful for and at dinner each person grabs a stick and reads it aloud.


Wishing you and your loved ones a happy Thanksgiving.

Connect with Julianna

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