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Julianna Lyddon, the creator and owner of Enlighten Candles Arizona, is as she says, “candle obsessed”. She believed there was a way to create a candle that threw a powerful scent, but was also as Eco-friendly as possible.

Julianna’s newest passion is her Enlighten Essentials line of skin care products.  The Essentials line includes 4 products; the Body Butter, the Hydrating Facial Serum, the Lip Balm and the Skinfood Essentials.  Each one is crafted by hand in small batches in their factory located in Prescott, Arizona.

To celebrate and to share the joy of Mother’s Day, Julianna has created the Sentiments Candle Collection and most especially the “I Love You Mom” candle for your special Mother’s Day gift.

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Celebrate Life Collection

Meet my beautiful mother-in-law, Margaret! I have tears of joy as I post this.
Margaret passed away a couple of weeks ago and as I was talking to one of my team members at Enlighten Candles Arizona about the funeral, we were inspired to create something special that could be a token of her life and a way to always have her energy with our family.
Out of my grief, a new collection was born We now have the Celebrate Life Collection where we will customize these 11″ candles with pictures of your loved ones and/or your beloved pet and for those that are suffering with an illness, we recommend sending us a picture that makes you feel calm and happy and we can put it on our candle so that you can use it as a focal point for healing. We also have created special options for veterans, as well.
It’s such a beautiful way to keep the spirit of your loved one close. As the flame lights the picture from behind, I feel as though she is with me. I find myself carrying the candle from room to room and talking to her. As crazy as that sounds, it feels so good to have her smiling face shining back at me.
I love you Gigi and thank you for inspiring this new collection so many others can feel the energy of their loved ones as the candle illuminates their spirit🙏🏻 Thank you to my gifted designer, @xox_kayyla, for intuitively knowing how to create each masterpiece from her heart! I’m so blessed to have such an amazing team😘
If you haven’t seen all of the great products we have to offer at Enlighten Candles Arizona you can visit our website at www.enlightencandlesarizona.com or find them in a shop near you!
Julianna Lyddon
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The New Moon Brings Change


The new moon is a time for renewal and change. Create your own ritual by lighting a candle and setting your intention for the new year. Take a moment to be still and reflect on what you truly desire. We are constantly co-creating with the universe. Often we do it unconsciously ….isn’t it time to manifest your dreams, consciously? Our Create mantra candle reminds us …”I consciously create my dreams”

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Black Friday Specials at Enlighten Candles Arizona

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Today, buy any 8oz tin in one of our Holiday scents and get it with our custom “Happy Holidays” label for 25% off. They are available in peppermint bark, christmas hearth, christmas tree and holly berry. Go to www.enlightencandlesarizona.com and type “happyholidays” in the coupon code at checkout to receive your discount.

These scents are sure to bring back those special memories of holidays past and create new ones for the future.

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Navigating the Pain in Marriage

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In my practice, I help many couples and individuals work on their relationships and it is an honor to help them navigate the pain, struggles and questions they grapple with when giving it their all! They come in wanting to give their marriage one last chance. Often, by the time they have exhausted all their options, many come to the conclusion that a divorce is what’s best. When this decision has finally been made, I’m always so proud of how far they have come in their personal growth and to witness the love they have that is beyond themselves is awe-inspiring.

In honor of so many couples out there that finally get to the end of this tiresome journey….they deserve to celebrate their divorce…they will now be free to separate and continue their lives as an independent person ready for new chances and opportunities! I say… Happy Divorce to you! Celebrate 🍾

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Julianna Lyddon
Connect with Julianna
Connect with Julianna

Newest natural products at Enlighten

Enlighten Candles Arizona


If you haven’t visited our Enlighten Candles Arizona website in the past few months you need to stop in! We have made some changes and have several new products to choose from.

Our newest product is the Body Butter. Getting naked never felt so good! Our body butter is made from organic, unrefined butters and oils and scented with pure essential oils. This formulation doesn’t sit on your skin like other body butters, it soaks in and transforms it into a silky, soft, texture. Give it a try and let me know how your skin likes it!


Enlighten Candles Arizona


At Enlighten Candles Arizona, the creative process of hand pouring, infusing oils, and inspecting each candle is our pride and passion.

Julianna Lyddon, the creator and owner of Enlighten Candles Arizona, is as she says “candle obsessed.” She believed there was a way to create a candle that threw a powerful scent, but was also as Eco-friendly as possible. Through lots of trial and error, she taught herself to make not just any soy candle, but one that will guarantee you become “candle obsessed,” as well.

Enlighten Candles Arizona offers candles in four collections; Classic Collection, Altar Collection, Sentiments and Mantra Collection as well as our new Body Butter.

Each collection will keep you coming back for more of their unique qualities and beauty.

Enlighten Candles Arizona is rapidly growing and is now available in 29 locations in 5 states as well as our online shop.

We know you will enjoy the beauty of this locally made product and the natural alternative to paraffin wax candles.

Julianna Lyddon

Connect with Julianna

Connect with Julianna


Consciously create your dreams

Consciously create your dreams

Consciously create your dreams

A beautiful regram from @_jzg!

Why not consciously create your dreams? When we unconsciously create, we often get a lot of patterns coming into our reality that keep us in a loop in our lives. Through awareness, set up your intentions consciously and manifest your dreams. You are magnificent beyond measure



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What is your unique truth?

Truth Mantra Candle


Mantra Candles and Unique Truth


What is the connection between my mantra candles and unique truth? I created the Mantra Candle Collection after working in my coaching practice for years and wanting Something tangible that could help people focus on their dreams and set intentions. Click To Tweet I came up with six of the most common problems I see with my patients and created a set of Mantra candles to help. These candles allow people to hold the mantra they need in their mind as they focus on manifesting their dreams or goals. The actual process of placing the candle in a special place and lighting it helps to pull awareness to the intention and encourage focus.

The message behind the Truth Mantra candle is that we can’t bring our dreams to fruition without aligning with our unique truth and vocalizing it. This candle is a great way to be reminded of this powerful lesson. The crystal that’s nestled inside will also serve as a continued reminder by becoming a touchstone after the candle has burned.


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Wishing You a Romantic Valentine’s Day!


Wishing You a Romantic Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Infatuation is Enlighten Candles Arizona‘s most romantic scent.

Enjoy the aroma of fresh peaches hinting of the tropics.

Relax with the rich, slightly sweet, and very sultry bouquet.

 Why not make Valentine’s Day last all year?  Why settle for just one day?

 If  you or someone you know loves to have candles burning all the time, and would like the idea of enjoying a new scent every month that will entices the senses, Enlighten Candles Arizona Candle Club is perfect!

ECA's February candle of the month is infatuation. Click To Tweet

The details:

Select either the 6 month or 12 month membership and either the shipping option or the pickup option. Add to your shopping cart.

At the beginning of each month, you receive one 12-oz candle in our glass tumbler at 15% off regular price, plus a free 2-oz tin candle. We will be selecting the scent and it will be a surprise each month! It may be our Candle of the Month or one of the 16 varieties from our Menu of Scents.

Six month membership is $112.20–a savings of $49.80 over regular retail price over the six month period. With the shipping option, shipping is paid for all six months and is reflected in the membership price. Tax, where applicable, is calculated at checkout.

Twelve month membership is $224.40–a savings of $99.60 over retail price over the twelve month period. With the shipping option, shipping is paid for all twelve months and is reflected in the membership price. Tax, where applicable, is calculated at checkout.


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Mantra Candles from Enlighten Candles Arizona!


Mantra Candles from Enlighten Candles Arizona!

How YOU can get 

Mantra Candles From Enlighten Candles Arizona!


Enlighten Candles Arizona is thrilled with the response that they have had with their new Mantra Candles!!!

They are in the process of creating a new web site and since it isn’t up and running yet, many people are contacting them and asking how to place an order!

Well, to accommodate everyone who would like to purchase the Mantra Candles, they created a STORE right on their Facebook page!!!

You can place your order directly!! Just click on “SHOP NOW” and buy your candles!

NOTE: Enlighten Candles Arizona’s candles are hand made to order with loving care. They have two production runs per month and take orders every day, but they are custom made based on the next run date.


Each candle is intuitively paired with a scent complimentary to the energy of the mantra. Click To Tweet


The next run is February 2nd. In order to get your candles before Valentine’s day, place it by February 2nd:)

Stay tuned for our Valentine scented candle…simply sensual!!

The only candles available on our Facebook page are our latest collection of Mantra Candles.

Enlighten Candles Arizona says:  THANK YOU FOR LOVING MY CANDLES


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