Breathing exercises will help to open up and heal the root chakra. Typically, individuals only use about a third of their lung capacity. Deep breathing increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients delivered to organs and glands. These two breathing exercises will encourage healing to the body by allowing more oxygen to be absorbed by all of the organ systems.


Inhale deeply as if you are bringing oxygen in through the soles of your feet. Allow this breath to clear out any blocks or constricted areas in your body. Actually visualize the air sweeping its way through your feet and up your legs clearing a path of purity and healing. As you exhale, blow all the constricted energy out through your mouth, releasing blockages as you exhale.


Inhale deeply through your nose and hold your breath. Next, push the air gently into your lower abdomen while holding. Squeeze and release the anal sphincter muscle seven times, then exhale through your nose.

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