Here are a few challenges for your imagination. Each month, come up with one new creative challenge for yourself.  This could be a new craft, a new visualization you want to bring into your reality, a dance you want to learn, or a game to play that challenges your imaginative brain power. If you regularly challenge yourself, you will continue to stretch, expand, and grow as a person. Add your new challenges to your calendar, get your family and friends involved, and have fun!


This is writing from a prompt, such as a single word (dog, leaf, ice cream) for ten minutes or another pre-determined length of time.  Write your idea down on paper and then just write without stopping, revising, editing, or back tracking–even if it means having to write, “I can’t think of anything to write.” The goal of this exercise is to deviate from typical thought patterns and use your mind in a more intuitive way. You never know what will happen. Give it a try in the spaces below.


“Imagination Affirmations” are daily reminders to keep you on track. Write or cut out the following affirmations (or create your own) and place them in a baggie, a box, or a jar. Each day, pull one out to read aloud several times. This is a way to keep you on track and KEEP THE CREATIVE GENIUS ALIVE!

I am using my creative genius!

I open my imagination to healing!

I play in my imagination to create fun in my life!

I AM the source of my power!

I AM constantly creating my reality with my thoughts!

I express my creativity through my words!

I IMAGINE my future easily!

I let go of any unnecessary control that is holding me back!

I break through the blocks that hide the REAL ME!

I am authentic to myself and to others!

I control my destiny and that feels good!

I choose to love unconditionally!

I am happy and joyful!

I fantasize about how beautiful my life can be!

I am FREE!

I LOVE myself!

I imagine myself as a complete person in all aspects of my life!

Life is beautiful!

I am smart!

I am using my creativity to make my life more powerful and unique!


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